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  • Startupcity Spotlight - 2022

    Business progress in India is at a crucial stage where total business to business expenditure is increasing and expected to rise by 10.3 percent in 2022 with the increasing expenditure of India. Indian businesses are growing three times faster than the projections from its comparable peers in the different business countries in the third quarter of last year, as per to a study. The estimated business to business expenditure of India reached 9.4 percent in Q3 2021 on a year on year basis according to the India Business Spend Indicator (IBSI) report by American Express. The nominal gross domestic product (GDP) at the current prices is estimated to be at INR 232.15 trillion (US$ 3.12 trillion) in FY2021-2022. India is the third largest unicorn base in the world with more than 83...

Startupcity Spotlight - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Abhijeet Dies & Tools Abhijeet Dies & Tools Abhijeet Dies & Tools, Team When it comes to leveraging technology, we utilize conformal cooling technology which is based on 3D Metal printing.
Boolean IP Consulting Boolean IP Consulting Nitya Anand, Founder & Director We focus on providing actionable results and not just hourly rate based reports.
Boxfile Boxfile Joseph Christy Antony, Founder & Chief Executive Officer The Audit Quality in India is directly related to the economic growth of the country and this specifically highlights the importance of the role of Chartered Accountants. With the world taking on digitalization, cutting-edge technology and tools are needed to stay abreast of the changing trends, ditching the traditional methods
JVR Consultants JVR Consultants Ramavallabhan, Management & Technical Advisor I am passionate about learning new things every day and contributing to the industry by way of knowledge transfer towards enhancing efficiency and Effectiveness of the organizations we work with,
KiTEC Industries KiTEC Industries Avinash R. Laddha, Managing Director Multilayer Composite Pipes have many advantages over pipes made from a conventional single material, including flexibility and strength, good corrosion
Mechons Industries Mechons Industries Setu Patel, Marketing And Sales Head Fly ash bricks machinery concrete block machinery inter look paver machinery automatic batching plant brick/paver/block moulds vibrating table/rubber mould
NuVvagen NuVvagen Vasant Sangani, CMD The pandemic has taught mankind about the importance of good health. While traditionally people use to rely on treatments for various diseases, the key today is the prevention of diseases.
Sacred River Agri Technologies (Krishhika) Sacred River Agri Technologies (Krishhika) Anshumali Dwivedi, MD & CEO We hope to add around 100 partner stores before next season. So there is a major exponential growth coming along.
SilkyKraftz SilkyKraftz Sampurna Ganguly, Founder, SilkyKraftz The growing demand for trendy apparel and accessories has also impacted another industry, which is the Indian apparel and handloom industry.
Voiceback Analytics Voiceback Analytics Manishi Sanwal , Founder & Managing Director Analytics of varied business data has become an important part of the business ecosystem today.