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Navneet Makharia, FounderKolkata based Ability Games was founded as an independent research and game development company focused on cutting-edge technologies. A strong liking forpoker game fuelled Navneet Makharia and the other founding members’ interest to bring a world class experience to India. The ideation took shape when they saw the poor graphics, outdated interface resulting in a sad gaming experience to Indian customers. They formed Ability Games as the main organisation and under this company they launched their online gaming venture - for the Indian poker fans. “The idea of Poker Lion is the major inspiration and element in forming Ability Games,” speaks Navneet.

Known to be among the pioneer companies in the field of gaming and development, Ability Games has been able to successfully develop from an idea to product along with refining its analytical abilities, comprehensively taking itself and its hard-working team towards its goal. The 2017 launched company is already ruling the market with India Best online game site like and a Poker team in
Match IPL named Goa Lions and many other ventures are in line in the next two months. Navneet informs, “The popularity of the game of poker which is a game of skill can be seen through our user base of the website” Pokerlion.comas the first exclusive project of Ability Games has already garnered attention for its simple UI, exciting games, collusion free platform and inclusion of regional languages.

Ability Games is committed to offer services that help the users with innovation-driven future gaming products

Being the Real Game Changer
Navneet identifies Illegal and Fraudulent activities in particular associated to games like poker and rummy as some of the major challenges existing in the game development space. He says, “Despite the revenue that gaming businesses can generate for the companies, the business is still challenging in Indian market. India has banned the residents of Telangana, Assam, Odisha and Gujarat to play poker. Hence, the licensed website and their Micro gaming game software partner for the PokerLion website check the database to block the users from playing our games from restricted /unauthorised locations”.

All ventures of Ability Games which needs legalisation and authentication goes through the proper procedure of licensing and
authentication. “Our games will soon be allotted with its Nagaland’s Gaming licence for Poker,” he adds.

With top-quality & innovative gaming products and software solutions, the company offers Poker, rummy, cricket, football fantasy sports as of their major products. The target audience for each of their ventures varies but they start their margin from 18 year and above audience in India. Also, the company Ability Games designs, develops, markets, and distributes innovative software and game products.“We are working hard on Virtual Reality. Very soon a day will come when the players could feel the game as if it’s a reality,”he further adds.

Conquering the Online Gaming Domain
Ability Games has witnessed a stable growth within a short period of time. Started out with 10 members, in almost 10 months the workforce has increased to above 100 hard-working members in different fields. With the continuous development of and the poker team Goa Lions, other projects like a fantasy cricket game website and Rummy - an online website for the game of rummy are on the development phase and will be launched soon.

Summing up, Navneet mentions,“We are committed to offer services that help our users with our innovation-driven future gaming products. Thanks to our talented team, we continue to offer programs that allow users to experience various gaming and other software”.