ACE Nutrimony: Creating A Niche For Themselves In The Indian Dietary Supplements Market

Raj Patel,Founder & Director

Raj Patel

Founder & Director

The Indian dietary supplements market size in 2020-2021 amounted to approximately Rs.27,000 Crore. Going forward, many industry experts see a huge potential in the growing E-commerce space owing to the fact that people are moving towards online shopping from traditional channels. Ace Nutrimony is one of the pioneering names in this segment which believes that health & wellness is paramount for one’s overall well-being and happiness. The company aspires to fill the gaps between the diet people take and the nutrition body wants.

Ace Nutrimony acknowledges the fact that due to busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, people ignore health on all counts. We skip break¬fast, forget lunch and end up consuming unhealthy/junk food. This leads to deficiency in nutrition body wants. And to address this issue, Ace Nutrimony has come up with 2 innovative products that serves the same purpose.

Adding more about Ace Nutrimony and what separates them from the rest, Raj Patel who is the Founder Director of the company says, “Our mission is to help you find your way towards health and happiness with nutrients that actively work together to ace your harmony. Your body has the wondrous ability to care for it self. All it requires is regular nourishment to thrive, in the form of healthy and wholesome food. Since our modern lifestyle makes this simple task nearly impossible, Ace Nutrimony steps up to help you restore the lost balance within your body.
We do this with health supplements enriched with essential nutrients that work together in harmony to help you ace your health and happiness. These supplements in fun formats - gummies and oral strips - could be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine to ensure overall well-being. Our products are made from the finest wholesome ingredients sourced from across the globe. For eg. we use Keranat in our gummies which is a patented ingredient with clinically proven results sourced all the way from France. We have planned our production in such a way that we shall never have our stocks emptied and at the same time deliver products of fresh batches”.

The guidance and business wisdom of Raj has been crucial for the success of Ace Nutrimony since he hails from a business family which has been into FMCG products. He has worked in E-commerce industry for almost seven years now and he believes that people tend to over complicate nutrition. As someone with immense industry expertise, he feels for the lay consumer, getting your daily dose of nutrition right needn’t be that hard.

A pioneer who aspires to have a positive impact on the Indian dietary supplements market

A lot of people do not eat an optimal diet, just out of inconvenience. And his mission is to bridge this nutrition gap with inventive products that are easy, fun and delicious to consume. Ace Nutrimony makes it convenient for everyone to reach their nutrition goals while being able to enjoy supplements that fit into their daily lifestyle. In today’s fast lifestyle we need solutions that are easy to adopt and Ace Nutrimony sees this rising need as an opportunity to come up with a delightful way to induce healthy eating habits.

"Ace Nutrimony makes it convenient for everyone to reach their nutrition goals while being able to enjoy supplements that fit into their daily lifestyle"

The company has recently launched its products on company’s website and major online market places like Amazon, Flipkart, TATA1mg, Netmeds, Healthkart, and more. The fact that they have received overwhelming response and customer feedback showcases Ace Nutrimony’s ability to not just come up with innovative product but also their knack on marketing it in the best way possible. Going forward, within the next 5 years Raj sees Ace Nutrimony as a leading online brand into nutraceuticals with innovative products. Apart from that, company is also planning to go into offline trade channels and expand into US & European markets with E-commerce platforms.