• Briyo Supplements: Making Healthy Living Affordable For All
  • Briyo Supplements: Making Healthy Living Affordable For All

    Briyo Supplements is a line of nutritional supplements, produced by its parent company Briyosis, which was established in 2006. The idea behind the creation of Briyo Supplements was to make nutritional supplements affordable and accessible to all so that no one has to compromise on their daily nutritional needs. Originally founded as a contract manufacturer of softgel capsules, Briyosis evolved into a company that produces its own supplements. They have also been able to diversify operations and become a USFDA-registered facility manufacturing the primary ingredient of softgel capsules- Gelatine. Having a strong background in the field of pharmaceuticals, Briyosis saw a gap in the market when it came to nutraceuticals. They discovered that there was a lack of good quality supplements in...

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