Briyo Supplements: Making Healthy Living Affordable For All

 Anmol Patel & Pranav Bhai Patel,DirectorsBriyo Supplements is a line of nutritional supplements, produced by its parent company Briyosis, which was established in 2006. The idea behind the creation of Briyo Supplements was to make nutritional supplements affordable and accessible to all so that no one has to compromise on their daily nutritional needs. Originally founded as a contract manufacturer of softgel capsules, Briyosis evolved into a company that produces its own supplements. They have also been able to diversify operations and become a USFDA-registered facility manufacturing the primary ingredient of softgel capsules- Gelatine.

Having a strong background in the field of pharmaceuticals, Briyosis saw a gap in the market when it came to nutraceuticals. They discovered that there was a lack of good quality supplements in the market, and even the essential nutrient supplements were purchased from outside markets at incredibly high prices.

Deciding to bridge this gap by utilizing its various top-of-the-line resources, Briyosis started its venture in manufacturing supplements under the head of Briyo Supplements. Currently catering to the Indian market, Briyo aims to fix the gap in the market.

The Indian lifestyle has changed massively. Growing exposure to infection, lack of sleep, lack of proper food, increased stress, and lack of clean water have all contributed to harm to the health of individuals.
The modern lifestyle is very demanding and as such, people need to meet their nutritional needs, which may not always be possible naturally. By creating good quality supplements, available at affordable rates, Briyo aims to help individuals live a healthy life.

Manufacturing A Healthy Option
Currently manufacturing some of the most essential nutritional supplements including Vitamin D3, CoEnzyme Q 10, Vitamin C, Omega 3, and Vitamin B; Briyo Supplements is focusing on gaining consumer trust through the consistent quality of products as well as the scientific processes used in their manufacture.

Starting from the procurement of raw materials to end-of-line quality assurance and self-inspection checks, Briyo Supplements ensures top-quality products. Their dedication to achieving excellence is visible in the passion with which the team speaks about the brand vision. Having strong connections with reputed raw material providers, they are able to oversee every step of the manufacturing process.

In pursuance of their motto: to provide the highest quality of supplement products at an affordable rate so as to ensure the availability of nutritional benefits to everyone, Briyo even conducts unbiased quality checks. “We deliver one of the purest supplements which are third party tested for Product Purity, Projected Efficacy, Ingredient Safety, Nutritional Value, and Label Accuracy.” With a top-class facility of the parent company, where all the supplement manufacturing takes place, Briyo Supplements has FDA and GMP approval, which is a sure mark of quality.

A world class provider of Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements, Good Health, and Essential Vitamins and Minerals

With logistics and operations figured out and running smoothly, Briyo Supplements is quickly marching towards expanding operations in multiple ways. As of now the company is only serving Indian customers and has an online presence where they have received tremendous response, various re-purchases, and positive feedback from customers. All of this goes to show the power of a good product.

With the current growth, they are planning to expand production, and diversify its portfolio, “Briyo Supplements plans on offering more options in the future in the form of strength of the nutrient, sizes, and formulations. We want to play a part towards helping the customers meet their individual needs.” They also plan on making themselves available on more online platforms and even start selling their products overseas.