Achiievers Quick Gold Loan: Your Quick Gold Loan Partner!

Suman Chakrvarty, Managing Director & CEO

Suman Chakrvarty

Managing Director & CEO

With a diversified financial sector and a vibrant capital market, India is making excess advancements towards financial inclusion and is focusing greatly on expanding activities of financial markets. But due to the limited access to credit and lack of financial literacy, it becomes difficult to maintain the flow of capital in the system. This is where the financial services come to our rescue by assisting us in the credit activities while making the whole process profitable. One such company which is trying to fix the leakages in financial inclusion system through its credit services is Achiievers Quick Gold Loan.

Started in 2013, the Kolkata based company offers a quick and easy financing gold loan facility at an affordable and attractive rate to its customers. Primarily focused on providing Gold Loans, the company is trying to make formal credit and other short-term liquidity requirements easily accessible to the public. “Convenience, Accessibility and Flexibility are the three cornerstones of our company. From a businessman to a farmer, everyone can avail our credit facilities by pledging our gold jewellery where in they get cash against their gold in a couple of minutes,” informs Suman Chakrvarty, Managing Director & CEO.

The company provides a range of different
schemes to suit the needs of all income groups. Retail broking, institutional equities, commodities, currency booking, wealth advisory, credit & finance and insurance broking are some of the solutions it confers with. It also offers a maximum of 12 months loan term. Achiievers Gold Loan tends to provides all these financial solutions with minimal procedural formalities under one roof. “We provide a quick gold loan disbursal for loan limits stretching from INR 1000 to INR 1 Cr without charging any processing fee. Our lending functions are supported by an inhouse, custom developed IT platform that allows recording relevant customer details and approving and disbursing the loan,” he asserts.

Primarily focused on providing Gold Loans, Achiievers old Loan is trying to make formal credit and other short term liquidity requirements easily accessible to the public

The team at Achiievers Gold Loan works sincerely with the sole purpose of delivering a reasonable and expedient financial solution to its clients. “Our employees undergo periodic training sessions regularly. These sessions enables them to accurately evaluate the value and authenticity of the gold thus making the whole lending procedure simple and bona fide” he avers.

Carving a niche in the domain, Achiievers Quick Gold Loan has come a long way in the financial service ecosystem. Currently, the firm has set its foot all over the country with offices in eastern and northern zone. At present, it has over six branches and 240 business associates/franchisees throughout India. With a network of over 300 trading centres across India, the company coordinates all of its activities from the corporate office located in Kolkata.

This is just the start for Achiievers Quick Gold Loan as the company continues to set forth new avenues every day in the financial services market. It now intends to expand its presence in underserved rural and semi urban markets where large portion of population has no access to credit facilities and also aims to reorganize the unstructured aspects of the lending functions. “Having a streamlined procedure and a transparent model in place, we aspire to be one of India’s leading financial conglomerates offering complete financial solutions while maintaining full loyalty towards our customers,” he concludes.