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Sanjay Guha,Founder& CEO
Sanjay Guha, Founder& CEO
Behind every successful business, there are customers keeping them afloat. Customer acquisition is the lifeline for all companies, and without them, no company can grow, survive and sustain in the long run. Applying an effective customer acquisition strategy tool has always remained as a vital marketing campaign for any business success. Though considered to be a valuable facet still a large chunk of marketing agencies typically work on the creative branding and other elements instead of giving more focus on the client acquisition aspect and generate effective RoI for them. This major gap did not go unnoticed for Sanjay Guha, an expert sales and marketing professional who has worked with corporate and start-ups in running their marketing campaigns and soliciting business for them.

Over the years, what he realized was that there were no such marketing agencies that could assist clients with customer acquisitions solely. This triggered him to start a company of his own which further led to the birth of Acquist.“The foundation of Acquist was laid back in my corporate years. But it actually took shape when I joined one of the startups in
the senior managerial position.That sort of gave me some insights in managing the cash flow and operations and soon after I took a leap of faith and launched Acquist,” says Sanjay Guha, Founder & CEO.

"Incubating three organic businesses in-house, Acquist has clocked 1.5 million dollars revenue and has catered to 300+ clients"

Acquist,as a leading B2B leadgeneration strategic marketing and pre-sales consulting service provider focuses on maximizing customer acquisition outcomes for its clientele. Moreover, the principal objective of the company endeavours in generating measurable gains for them which in turn directly reflects their sales, financial and other bottom-lines.

Marketing Solutions & Lead Generation Services – The DNA
The DNA of Acquist is its marketing solutions and lead generation services. It works together with the client and helps them in new customer acquisition initiatives.

The company works typically on information and applies the same to generate synthesize leads. Sanjay asserts, “We leverage our information to identify the target market and provide an actionable market research within three months.”

With solutions ranging from acquisition based lead generation models to an in-depth profiling of target companies; Acquist uses the best information knowledge
to offer the optimum RoI model. The company offer the optimum RoI model. The company offers solutions such as Direct marketing, Digital marketing, Information Management Solutions, Pre-Sales solutions, Marketing and Event Management Solutions.

Led by a young and growth-oriented team, Acquist has worked with a host of clients’right from large corporates who wanted to foray into different geographies to small & midsize enterprises looking at growth numbers. Being one of the first-of-its-kind players in the niche segment, the company strives to be a one-stop shop for every sales & marketing related needs. As an extension to its brand, it has recently launched 'Acquist Realty' which deals with housing needs for an individual or enterprise. Also, it has represented top branded developers like Godrej, Mahindra, L& T and others into different markets within and outside India. He mentions proudly, “We are privileged to be the sole sellers for one of the top brands of UK called Galliard Homes, where we are soliciting with the Indian customers looking to by properties in London.”

Five years down the lane, Acquist with 40+ people has its presence in Mumbai, London and Singapore. Incubating three organic businesses in-house, it has clocked 1.5 million dollars revenue and has catered to 300+ clients. Some of them include Tata Tele services, Vodafone, Tata Capital, Lenovo and others. Soon the company plans to expand in the US and Middle East.