Acuflex Global: Transforming Consumer Packaging Through Sustainable Solutions

  Acuflex,   TeamPlastic wastage is growing at an annual rate of 9 percent with about 91 percent of plastic not being recycled. Plastic waste is damaging our ecosystem in more ways we can comprehend. Studies suggest, approx. 100,000 animals die from plastic entanglement each year and humans ingest about 5 grams of plastic every week due to the plastic that travels up the food chain.

With a rise in the e-commerce industry, conscious changes in consumer demands and a boom in sustainable packaging, Acuflex Global a Dubai-based sustainable packaging solutions company anticipated the need to go green and create disruptive changes in packaging to thrive against this increasingly competitive landscape.

Talking about the slow yet steady positive change that the industry has been witnessing, Rakesh Narsinghani co-founder says, “The global bioplastics market has witnessed a steady growth in the past two decades. Seeing this landscape and the need of the hour, Acuflex Global has stepped in at the right time to contribute to this positive change.

Our aim is to create products free of allergens and toxins that do not contain harmful plastics and reduce the use of resources significantly. They must positively impact brand image, thereby increasing consumer willingness to pay more for products with sustainable packaging and make that conscious switch.”

Working Towards A Mission
Acuflex Global began with a vision to create a completely sustainable alternative market for environmentally enlightened consumers. Providing customized solutions with a wide range of products to replace the use of single use plastic, Acuflex is one of the leading suppliers of ecofriendly, biodegradable & compostable products. Creative Designer at Acuflex, Ms. Saachi says, “We are now
making luxury packaging sustainable. Where once using premium and harmful materials was said to be luxury, we are now introducing sustainability in the world of jewelry packaging.”

Acuflex’s disposable product range is 100 percent home compostable made with bio-based materials, and includes products like Grocery bags & t-shirt bags, Mailer bags, Fruit & vegetable Bag rolls, and Garbage bags. The firm also boasts of a wide range of reusable products that cater to various industry types whether it be a supermarket, hypermarket or a fashion retail chain of stores.

Shedding light on what makes Acuflex stand out compared to their contemporaries, Hem Lakhani, co-founder shares, “We represent sustain ability; not just a single industry. We work across platforms to bridge the gap between different industries to create products that meet client requirements and cost, while focusing on higher functionality and benefiting the environment.

Education is a big part of our identity. Acuflex’s primary motto, before selling, is to educate people about their actions and consequences to packaging and how they can opt for a safer, more eco-friendly option in their lives. Overseeing these projects we have Mr. Daksh Mehta, as one of our youngest co-founders who is conducting CSR activities in schools and educating the younger generation.”

Acuflex is one of the leading suppliers Of eco-friendly, biodegradable & Compostable products

The Future Plan
Acuflex Global began their journey as a consultant to large ecommerce aggregators in optimizing packaging to improve storage space. Understanding the needs of consumers and the environment over the years, eventually the firm moved to manufacturing and supplying sustainable packaging.

Sharing the future business plans for Acuflex, Tarun Mehta, co-founder mentions, “Our journey has only just begun. We still have miles to go and a lot to change to save the environment. We continue on this path of educating people, especially the younger generation, to spread more awareness and shift our mindsets to choose a more conscious lifestyle not just for ourselves, but for nature, our ecosystems, marine and wildlife and for each other.

As we slowly progress towards living a plastic-free life, one question we keep asking ourselves at Acuflex and want consumers to ask themselves is - Are we, as individuals doing enough to protect our beloved mother nature?”