Adilqadri: Orchestrating a Blend of Unique Luxury Attars at its Best

Adil Asif Malkani, Founder & CEO

Adil Asif Malkani

Founder & CEO

Attars have been utilized since ancient times to create an aura of luxury and make a lasting impression. Previously exclusive to the rich and upper-class populace, perfumes and fragrances are now a part of the daily routine for people of all demographics and social statuses. The perfume market in India is complex, as consumers are offered a diverse range of goods ranging from prominent brands to individual manufacturers. The Indian perfume business is expanding rapidly and is predicted to reach $1.02 billion by 2026. However, the sector has the potential to grow into one of the largest in the coming years as a new breed of Indian perfumer breaks stereotypes and attempts to raise the bar for Indian scents.

The multi layered tapestry of fragrance is dependent on the quality of all of its components. While unnoticed, those who work behind the scenes to find the best ingredients available for buying are critical to the creation of superior fragrances that have stood the test of time. ADILQADRI is one such well-established indigenous luxury perfume brand, known for its high quality and luxurious smells.

ADILQADRI creates gender-neutral and transformative fragrances that embrace the potential of oneness while telling a distinct tale on each skin. From an exhilarating luxury aroma to a brand noted for its elegant and visually pleasant appearance. The smells are created using only the highest quality, non-alcoholic, and unique components, resulting in delicate and outstanding formulas. Each
exquisite combination has a particular significance and has the most concentrated strength of precious fragrance oils, infusing the fragrances with unrivalled longevity and depth for the ultimate depiction of quality and luxury. Wearing the beautiful scents meticulously produced by ADILQADRI will bring endless happiness and delight.

“ADILQADRI has produced a new line of attars to meet today's lifestyle, keeping in mind current trends and our committed customers who exclusively use attars. These perfumes are available in a variety of scents that are suitable for both professional and casual occasions", says Adil Asif Malkani, Founder & CEO, ADILQADRI.

ADILQADRI is no longer just a name; it is set to become a major brand in Perfume Attar product sales

The Success Saga
ADILQADRI was established in March 2018 by Adil Asif Malkani (Adil Qadri) Founder & CEO along with his father Asif Malkani. He and his father founded the firm by carrying on their family's tradition of selling goods for a long time. ADILQADRI is no longer just a name; it is set to become a major brand in Perfume Attar product sales, there are a few brands in India that sell premium attars, but there were no brands online. ADILQADRI started its journey to becoming the fastest-growing online Perfume Attar store, and in a very short period of time, it has set new benchmarks with the help of its customers' support and love for its products, and their quality.

“I dropped out of school in the fifth grade because I was suffering from asthma attacks and was unable to finish the course. In 2014, after a few years of treatment, I began my digital marketing career online by creating websites, and I earned money through Google Adsense. In 2015, my father and I developed a website for women's dresses, but it was unsuccessful. There after, in 2018, we began with a premium, one-ofa-kind perfume brand, and from then on, the business began to prosper. The oath now is to provide the best items to clients throughout India”, said Adil Asif Malkani.

Today, apart from the online brand, ADILQADRI is also into retailing and expanding the segment, as well as developing official stores across India.The firm currently has four official stores in Mumbai, Surat, and various other cities, and ADILQADRI has recently begun offering franchises as well.