ADNA Solutions: State of the Art and Avant-Garde Products and Solutions

Sunil Singh, Founder

Sunil Singh


Sunil Singh, Founder, ADNA Solutions, believes the way Police forces work need to be modernized to keep pace with the changing times. A lot of work needs to be done in Intelligence gathering, Data Mining, Analytics, Crime Scene Recreation and Forensics, and Cyber Crime Handling. Today, it is really tricky to find companies, which offer a complete suite of products or are equipped to offer advisory services for the complete gamut of intelligence gathering, law enforcement and security solutions. Even though, there are numerous companies offering individual solutions and products, most of them fail to bring everything under one roof and combine solutions to ease out the complicated process of policing and enforcement.

Identifying the same, Sunil founded ADNA Solutions, a New Delhi based company that acts a one-stop platform and brings the latest and breakthrough technologies in Intelligence Gathering, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Personal Security and Smart Cities.ADNA was conceived in April 2015, and incorporated in the same
month; however it started functioning during September 2015. Sunil has had a long experience with various State Police and other Central Agencies. Sharing his thought on the same, he explicates, “Interacting with the State police gave me a firsthand experience of the lack of proper infrastructure and training which rendered them ill equipped to handle modern day crimes. I naturally felt helpless and irate thinking that in spite of technology being available, the forces were either not aware or dependent on external consultants/advisors to handle such situations”. ADNA is constantly striving to offer Smart Policing Solutions, a complete suite for Intelligence gathering, analysis and DATA Extraction and MINING.

ADNA’s Smart Parking offering is really unique which simplifies the process of looking for a parking space for the citizen, and smart collection for the Administration

Needless to say, ADNA’s Smart Parking offering is really unique which simplifies the process of looking for a parking space for the citizen, and smart collection for the Administration. Throwing light on, Sunil says, “A citizen can leave his residence and see the available parking slots available at his destination. He also gets updates once the empty slots get
filled up, and is advised on alternative available slots.The Administration can have dynamic pricing available for parking slots depending on the Locality/time of day/Holidays etc. Also the payment is done through the phones or smart cards, preventing pilferage or any loss of revenue.”

While most of the companies’ talk only of collection of parking fees through smart cards and manage a parking lot at a time, ADNA assures covering all the parking lots in the city and have a unified Monitoring and Administration Centre.

The Journey Continues

Sunil takes great pride in a fact that ADNA Solutions is a quality conscious organization that continuously strives to establish and maintain strong relations with its clients. The determination of the team underlines the success ADNA. The team is headed by Sunil Singh who has over 23 years of experience of which 18 is in the Intelligence Gathering, Security and Analytics space. Additionally, the company has large voluntary and honorary advisors who have retired from the Army, IPS and Federal Agencies, and helps in designing and evolution of the solutions. “We operate out of Delhi and by end of 2017 we plan to have offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad and employ about 25 people, apart from Consultants. Currently, our focus is more on Smart Policing at the moment. By end of this year, we look forward to a fully evolved Smart Parking Solution covering the entire city,” he concludes.