Adonmo: Driving the Digital Advertisement Market with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Abhishek Thakur,  Senior Vice President- Strategy & Growth

Abhishek Thakur

Senior Vice President- Strategy & Growth

The emergence of digitalization in the Indian market has brought tremendous changes in every sector of the economy. In the 21st century, the digital platform is the catalyst for all activities, and digital advertising is not alien to this development. The digitalization process has superseded the conventional practice of advertising with billboards and pick-up cards. The market growth of advertising technology is at a faster clip, creating new milestones and breaking records in the industry. There are many private firms that contribute to this market collectively, but a Hyderabad based company, Adonmo, is unique among all other players in the market with its Contemporary approach powered through AdTech.

Adonmo is India's largest digital out of home advertising network and has a presence across 13 main cities in India. This firm works with digitalized apparatus and global standards to cater to the optimum results for its clientele. This firm has residential coverage in 13 cities 3700+ gated communities 30,000 screens and catches more than 4.5 million daily unique audiences. On the other hand, this firm has covered eight cities with respect to corporate coverage, with a 77,000 daily unique reach. The customer centric approach of the firm makes
the firm unique in the market thus the reason people gravitate towards this firm's service over other players in the market.

Digital society has shaped the consumption of information drastically. This has resulted in phenomenal changes in information and knowledge dissemination. "In the digital marketing gamut, there are numerous channels available for people, specifically, social media platforms, display marketing, search engine marketing, and so on, but the catch is that most of these advertising channels are targeted toward low-funnel advertising. To generate curiosity and build trust, the traditional way is requisite. We at Adonmo are bringing digital like capabilities to high impact outdoor advertising, bridging the gap between physical and digital advertising worlds" says Abhishek Thakur, Senior Vice President.

Digital Out of Home advertising is an effective way to penetrate the customers mind

Structured Campaign for Maximum Impact
The requirement for digital advertising is not only restricted to a digital board with colorful representation on it but it is also beyond these material objects. The amount of research that goes through to get relevant information to drive the advertisement projects is inimitable. This company understands and examines the requirements of the client intricately following its work on the prototype that holds good to the customer's requirements.

Ultimately, the execution of the prototype takes place effectively. This practical way of dealing with advertising helps to penetrate audiences' minds and creates a huge impact and impression on a large scale.

The rate of adaption of digital technology in the Indian market is growing at a rapid pace, and the infrastructure and geographical parameters are contributing to the growth of this sector. Some of the highprofile companies in the market that have subscribed to Adonmo's services are IKEA, Swiggy, Amazon, Air Asia, Cred, Hyundai, Urban Clap, and many others. Along with the market expansion, Adonmo is experiencing consistent growth in terms of screen number and Venue Types Adonmo is looking forward to cementing DOOH advertising into the marketing mix of several local and global brands, by bringing customizability to a traditionally rigid advertising medium thereby generating higher measurability and success.