AdsUnlock: A Peer-to-Peer Ad Platform Fuelled by Blockchain Technology

PhanendraHanumanula,Co-founder &CEO


Co-founder &CEO

The Co-founders of AdsUnlock have been in the Ad technology space for a long time. They are of the belief that the challenges have remained synchronous where blockchain itself is a new technology. Ad technology as a business space has not been explored much by entrepreneurs as mostly the space is dominated by the big giants like Google, Facebook. Setting a world away as one of India’s first companies to have successfully ventured into the niche space, AdsUnlock takes immense pride as an early adopter of this technology.

Functioning from 2015, AdsUnlock has amalgamated Blockchain technology with AdTech by bringing into the market the first-ever Peer-to-Peer Ads platform fuelled by Blockchain technology. The platform automatically creates video/image campaigns free of cost for publishers and advertisers, where they can make use of their innovative custom Ad Placements for the benefit of end users. “That’s what makes us stand strong in the market with no competitors,” proudly states Phanendra Hanumanula, Co-Founder & CEO, AdsUnlock.

Disrupting the AdTech& Blockchain Ecosystem
Striving to change the mindsets of people in the industry, AdsUnlock is a network of app developers working together to create awareness about their products. It is a one-stop where an app owner can advertise in other app owner’s application and vice versa-by drastically reducing advertising costs. “It’s pretty simple actually. All that an app developer needs to do is register on AdsUnlock and add their app to the platform. Once the app is added, video and image campaigns are automatically created. Now, they need to integrate placements into their app. The app owners do not have to spend unreasonable costs on creating videos and images, our app will by default take the data from the Play Store and create them for the apps. Pick the targeting options and use the joining bonus to Get set go! Free of cost and effort,”explains Shravan Ganapathiraju, Co-Founder & COO, AdsUnlock.

AdsUnlock is a network of app developers working together to create awareness amongst each other of their products

In a nutshell, AdsUnlock’s 256-bit encryption for the security of the site makes it impossible for the bots or hackers to penetrate into the system. Also, personalization is another advantage of AdsUnlock platform which helps in sending the right ads to the right consumers providing them the options to create targeted campaigns.“Understanding our consumer behavior is the key, and once that is done, targeting is
easy. Our Ad Placements are created to blend into the actions of mobile users. They are non-interfering and still manage to capture user’s attention. The advantage for the advertisers here is how they do not have to wait for users to open specific apps, the ads can be displayed with more day-to-day actions like precall, calling, unlocking... through our ad placements,” mentions Shravan.

Shravan Ganapathiraju, Founder& COO
Building a Self-Sustaining Community
In terms of revenue generation model, AdsUnlock’sAd Mediation is the best way to earn most revenue, where a publisher can connect with multiple ad networks and can serve Ads through the platform, earning high CPMs. Narrating the future plans, Phanendra, concludes “We believe Blockchain technology is going to be ground breaking if security measures are taken to prevent fraud. Our focus will be on not just innovating ways to improve Ad technology but on building a community which is self-sustaining, where we are providing a one stop-platform with the right tools.”