Aegeus Technologies: Making the World Eco-Friendly

Suraj Vernekar, Co-Founder & Director

Suraj Vernekar

Co-Founder & Director

The rapid population growth is demanding for the resources beyond availability. Focusing on a renewable yet scantly available resource like water; the supply is sparse due to various factors. The need for a better plan to manage and preserve it is essential. One such company that tries to conserve nonrenewable resources like water and energy, with their inventive and full fledged products is the Bangalore based Aegeus Technologies. Incepted in 2017, the company is led by Suraj Vernekar an engineer turned into an avid entrepreneur, who brings his global experience in the field of Product development, sales and marketing. Aegeus was ventured to certainly focus on products & technologies that offer solutions to monitor assets and improve efficiency. "By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two thirds of the world's population living in water stressed regions," says Suraj.

Solar energy production is a sector that is growing steadily over the past few years. It is playing a major role in reducing the nongreen gases and carbon strength in the environment. To address the major challenges faced by the Solar farms, Aegeus has come up with a distinctive product called 'Intelligent Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robot' incorporating advanced robotic machinery that would ease the process of maintaining the panels and provide efficient
output. This system is aimed at conserving water used to clean and maintain solar panels. However, it has got various beneficial values like extending the life span of the panels; providing a payback of 6 to 18 months, offering greater throughput and increased efficiency. Suraj asserts, "We have received phenomenal responses from the clients. They are happy about the very fact that Aegeus understands the challenges and requirements of the Indian market. The product is designed to take care of undulations, uneven panel installations and gaps between panels which is common with the Indian installations. Topnotch companies have appreciable acknowledged us for our innovation."

Scaling new heights, Aegeus Technologies has surely initiated a brand presence that develops ecofriendly robots

The Uniqueness
Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning is a unique and brand new technology, which uses a dry cleaning technique to enhance the capability of the solar energy harnessing system. "As it is a budding technology the rate of adoption to this concept is less. Following this, many farm owners have no budget plans to incorporate robots into their framework," says Suraj.

Adding to this he confidently states,"These challenges are short termed; this industry will open gates wider for huge opportunities.Just like any other technology, industry or market this is also slowly experiencing the essence of growth. It is evolving, will grow bigger and flourish shortly. The industry will hype with the tremendous competition, once the world perceives the advantages and conveniences of the product. Any service or any technology developed for operations and maintenance of this plant will become a game changer in this burgeoning space".

He further adds, "Four pillars of the company are 4 E's! Energy, Efficiency, Environment and Engage. We treat our clients as partners and would never compete across the value chain." Aegeus is the only Indian startup which has received a patent for its innovative and unique airwash system. Waterless Solar Panel Cleaner has been validated by NCPRE-IIT Mumbai. The company strives to develop products that help clients to consume less resource. Solar is the first vertical it has identified to work upon. It is also concentrating to provide IOT products like Distribution Transformer Monitoring Solution'to monitor transformers, ensuring continuity of power supply and protect valuable assets of the utilities.