Agnitio Software: Offering Incredible And Unique Web Designing & Development Services

Pram Shaw, Director

Pram Shaw


Website development is a common practice nowadays but perfection from scratch to the final product is the most important aspect to consider. While there are several players in the market offering website development, few can provide perfection in this aspect. Agnitio Software is one such company that brings the right service as required by the clients. Established in 2006 with only four employees the company has successfully now built two offices in two cities in India with more than twenty-five members. We register our venture in the year 2016. “We provide UI&UX design solution, Frontend Development, Website Development, Ecommerce Development with all latest technology and software and our expertise, creativity, and teamwork is the main key”, says Pram Shaw, the Director of Agnitio Software.

Exploring Newaspects
Being one of the leading service providers in mobile and web solutions, the company provides its efficient services in JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS5, SCSS, SaaS, Lass, WordPress, Shopify, Laravel, Jquarry, CMS, and e-commerce. Agnitio develops perfect website and web applications to meet the needs of a diverse audience. “Be it a personal or an enterprise app, we deliver all at competitive rates. We identify the needs of the business of all our clients and deliver appropriate solutions thereafter,” Pram adds. However, being a multiple platform web application development company, its major focus is in building a web application for a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, AWS and other operating systems.
Working from a 1000 sq ft rented office in Kolkata and Udaipur, Rajasthan, it has also purchased two more plots in Kolkata to build new offices. “Our slogan is to Work and Enjoy along with providing customer service and work culture. We provide MAC laptops for our designers and developers. However, we are planning to expand our team, domain, and product and also improve our service,” Pram confirms. Agnitio also uses wireframe UI and UX design for web, mobile, and large enterprise apps using Figma, Framer, Azure, Google Designer, Material Design, InVision, Sketch, Proto. io. and others. For development, however, it uses Laravel, Shopify, Webflow, CakePHP, Megento, WIX, WordPress, Woo Commerce.

Agnitio is all set and experienced in designing simple logo design to complex application interface design and development

“We create designs that communicate and we design anything and everything that are meant to be designed”, Pram states proudly. Agnitio is all set and experienced in designing simple logo design to complex application interface design. It offers a wide range of printers and finishers that gives exceptional quality products as per the price of industry standard. Agnitio’s team has years of expertise in developing user interface, website and web application and always remains up to date with changing requirement of technology, and the appropriate price range making the company stand as one of the key players in the market. Therefore, hiring a frontend developer, mobile app UI/UX designer, or a web app programmer team would help in their mobile app functioning.

An Enjoyable Work Environment
It has carved a niche during its growth time with the help of an extraordinary creative team consisting of skilled professionals with indepth and astounding knowledge. The team is well versed in various technologies including Open source technologies and Microsoft technologies to meet the needs of its clients. Being an employee friendly company, it provides medical insurance to its employees as well as the opportunity for them to grow. “We organize official tours for all our employees every year with family. This motivates and encourages our employees to work and meet their needs too”, Pram states further. He also mentions that all his employees and their family are equally important to the company and the company tries to build a long term relationship with its team members even after their work tenure gets over.

Plans Ahead
“We are here to deliver the best that stand and fulfill the needs of our customers. Our vision is thus to become the market leader by creating something more in the Graphics user interface, web development and e-Commerce sector,” Pram explains confidently. With a pool of talented in-house Graphic Designers, Agnitio is all set to understand its client’s vision and goals and develops customized solutions. On a concluding note, Pram states that bringing something new to the plate through constant experimenting is what Agnitio Software is always offering.