• Mavin RPO Solutions: You Got To Trust The Process
  • Top 10 Spotlight Edition - 2022

    Synonymous to ‘Expert, adept, champion, genius, virtuoso, wizard’, Mavin RPO Solutions has struck the right chords to meet the new-age expectations of businesses in the recruitment dilemma. Mavin RPO Solutions is a boutique RPO & HR consulting organization that assists clients to stay relevant in the marketplace, at the same time help them to design and execute a well crafted talent sourcing strategy. A One Stop recruitment solution, Mavin RPO has built its foundation on 3Cs collaborative, consultative, customer trust. Accompanied by RPO partners, Mavin RPO ensures to be relevant to the customers’ problem statement always. Besides, Mavin recommends outsourcing to businesses if need be. Its effectiveness, lower recruitment cost and a quick start plug-n-play...

Top 10 Spotlight Edition - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Mavin RPO Solutions Mavin RPO Solutions Mahesh Iyer,Director & Co-Founder The future for Mavin RPO is bright with an exponential growth in horizontal as well as vertical domains
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ainnotate Ainnotate Santhosh Muralidharan, Founder & Director In all aspects of the AI data value chain, we are already adding value to our customers. This includes sourcing and annotating AI training data.
Agnitio Software Agnitio Software Pram Shaw, Director Our slogan is to Work and Enjoy along with providing customer service and work culture. We provide MAC laptops for our designers and developers. However, we are planning to expand our team, domain, and product and also improve our service
Contensify Contensify Vanhishikha Bhargava, Founder Contensify’s secret ingredient to creating such highly effective content marketing strategies is that it leverages their own industry experience and get involved with the SaaS product’s inhouse sales and support teams to truly understand who they’re addressing.
Puminati Digital Puminati Digital Utkarsh Pant, Founder & CEO It’s always a delicacy to find new business ideas getting presented, however it’s disheartening to witness those ideas failing disastrously in the absence of the right approach to implying the effective marketing strategies or fund crunch.
Sindhur Forge Sindhur Forge Jayaraj B Sindhur, Director & CEO At Sindhur Forge, each of our team members work with passion in a friendly atmosphere and follows proper business ethics