Agrofun Foods: Cooking Made Easy & Healthy

Abhay Shah, Yogesh Doshi, Harsh Parikh & Manan Doshi, Co-FoundersThe food processing industry has been very instrumental in offering huge opportunities, buttressing both individual and collective furtherance. Go-getters having the tenacity are benefitting from the opportune space. The originators of Agrofun Foods Abhay Shah, Yogesh Doshi & Harsh Parikh are aspirants who perceived a room to manoeuvre in this ecosystem. They endeavoured to club the power of food, science and technology to release a wave of change within the food processing space. Their basic ideology was to make a way in to the elbow rooms of food preparing activities and things plainer, by means of their wholesome products under the brand epithet of Easy Kitchen. The company has been putting forward products that are boiled, sterilized, Ready-to-eat and Ready-to-cook edibles that are put through clinical and hygienic paces. Its purpose-built is to tone down people’s exertions and graft consigned to the kitchen on both homestead and commercial front. “Our philosophy has always been to knock together the concept an easy kitchen in a home kitchen, restaurant or any other food manufacturing house. That is how we came to be known as Easy Kitchen. Our intention was to be a part every household and so we decided to cook up eatables or ready to use products. This reduces the
time spend in soaking, boiling & cooking items, making the habit of preparing delicious nosh at a convenient way and time,” states Abhay Shah, Director & Co-Founder.

The company has been concocting boiled bengal gram, chickpeas, kidney beans, green gram, moong dal and other variety of pulses. Its long suit lies in the fact that all its products are processed in new fangled Japanese processing lines. These supplies are high in quality, fresh, high protein, low fat, and are 100 per cent natural. To which Yogesh Doshi, Co-Founder comments, “Our speciality is that we all the products are hygienically processed using technology, ready for instant use. These are preserved and wellbalanced in such a way that it can serve for 9-12 months without refrigeration or special storage and with no added preservative and additive free.”

This booming field forked out golden opportunities for Agrofun Foods which eventually led to massive advancement. Based in Baroda, the company today has its feeders in major vicinities like the districts of Baroda, Anand, Surat, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. In a span of a year, it has qualified itself as a recognised food brand in India, having its outlet in the Mumbai international Airport. Its syndicate with one of the leading ecommerce platform Amazon has empowered it to create a disruption in the market. “We have made great revival since day one. We have created a brand name in the market which is definitely not an easy road to hoe. We had to take extra precaution to arrange the best raw materials, incorporate best methods, maintain healthy nutritious and hygienic value, taking into account the food safety concerns to the entire supply chain from farm to fork,” he narrates.

Agrofun Foods Company has been putting forward products that are boiled, sterilized, Ready-to-eat and Ready-to-cook edibles

Marching towards the Future
The creators of Agrofun Foods are interested in further vesting their experience and know-how in carving new roads. They wish to operate in the international level by launching its branches in UK, USA and other foreign provinces. The company is working upon setting up its own ecommerce website to beef up its revenue and sales across nations. It aims to set its hand on advancing frozen snacks- pizzas, garlic bread and others. Last but not the least; it aspires to diversify the frozen food service industry.