Aigroedge Technologies: Revamping Agriculture with Edge Computing

Mayank Rajput, Akshay Taneja & Abhai Tiwari,Co-Founders & Directors

Akshay Taneja

Co-Founder & Director

It was just long overdue when the Agriculture sector saw the entry of IoT. While the Internet of Things in agriculture is not so new, the constant pursual of Transformative technologies in agriculture is on the run. Smart agriculture envisages harnessing a plethora of data, information, and parameters in real-time. Due to the vast platform of the agriculture sector, it is increasingly becoming difficult to accumulate and store humongous data into cloud servers which reduces the speed, accessibility, and real-time efficiency.

And thus, Edge Computing holds prospects for future-ready agriculture. Agriculture-based Edge Computing can share the load of the cloud server and thus increase the efficiency and performance in real-time. Online with this, New Delhi-based Aigroedge Technologies, a deep tech startup is shifting the dynamics of smart Agri tech solutions for specialized agriculture.

Breaking the Shackles of Farming
A lot has been done and promised to unleash the true potential of farmers and farming. But a very few have stood the test of time. While IoT and internet access have indeed changed the scenario of resource management, many gaps exist. Aigroedge technologies bring out truly encompassing smart technologies like
the AgriVital platform, KRAASHAK, and Aigroedge proprietary hardware to eliminate these gaps. "KRAASHAK" is an IoT sensory system that is built on the sensors of soil, environmental, and geographic parameters. It is further powered by AgriVital, which is an intelligent SaaS platform. There are two versions of "KRAASHAK". One is a lighter version that uses a few parameters and comes in a low price range. It uses five different parameters like soil temperature, ambient humidity, light intensity, ambient temperature, and soil moisture level. While the second version of "KRAASHAK" has a very advanced level of parameters set for advanced analytics. The parameters are also distilled which includes, leaf thickness, pH, wind speed, and direction.

A DeepTech Startup, Aigroedge Technologies is revolutionizing the way agriculture is performed by its proprietary IoT bases sensory system ­ Kraashak, intelligent SAAS platform ­ AgriVital, and state-of-the-art Farm Automation and Management systems

The price difference between these two versions ranges between thirty thousand to sixty thousand. Yet, both the versions of this smart and intelligent model are equipped to produce a vast profit by investing just ten percent of the revenue in this technology. There is a further advantage wherein the farmers can rent a version, use and return it. Renting out options has seen a rise amongst difficult times when the farmers are not economically sound. This venture has thus seen a tremendous response from farmers to businesses to government. The initiatives of Aigroedge technologies have been supported by the Government of India, Banks, and Insurance companies.

Forging the Future with Futuristic Farming
Aigroedge Technologies is at the forefront of enabling farmers to enhance their production. Further, the company is also expanding itself in leveraging soil and plant growth data combined with personalized analytics into Genetic Breeding trials and research to generate novel plant species. Such path-breaking initiatives have brought several recognitions and impressive clientele which includes Fortune 500 companies and Governments. With its poignant solutions, Aigroedge technologies is also uplifting the plant health model that is revamping the sector to new levels.