Ainnotate: World's First Company To Provide Customers With End-To-End Secure Annotation Services

Santhosh Muralidharan,Founder & Director

Santhosh Muralidharan

Founder & Director

AI is advancing at a phenomenal rate, catapulting contemporary business to new levels of success. Companies, on the other hand, are also facing a lot of uncertainty as a result of the numerous new available choices to them. As a result, deciding on the best AI strategy is complicated. At first, selecting the best data annotation strategy may not appear to be a difficult task. However, even if data annotation does not necessitate extensive technical knowledge, it must still be curated by a specialized team of data experts. Considering all of these factors, businesses can select Ainnotate, an AI/ML services organization that caters to the annotation demands of multiple industry segments. AI is an abbreviation for Assisted Intelligence in Ainnotate. It means ‘humans assist machines in order for them to better serve us.’

Established in 2020, Ainnotateis the brainchild of Santhosh Muralidharan. The firm is a DIPP recognized startup that focuses on AI data. Customers all over the world can rely on the company for services such as end-to-end secure image annotation, data sourcing, and synthetic image dataset generation (using python and computer vision). Explaining about the organization, the Founder and Director of Ainnotate says, “We have developed an AI data sourcing platform (Android/iOS app + a cloud dashboard) as part of our solution offering to assist customers in easily sourcing AI data such as image, video, and audio. Our fully-managed approach, along with our signature three levels of QC (Quality Check) and AI-assisted annotation, enables us to deliver high quality AI data to our clients all over the world. We provide value to our customers across the AI data value chain through our services and solution offerings.

The key questions Ainnoate’s client asks the team are, ‘How secure is my dataset?’ as well as ‘How do you ensure annotation accuracy?’. Every client expects their data to be secure. Ainnotate’s end-to-end secure image annotation services ensure that their clients’ datasets are completely secure. Furthermore, customers receive high quality AI training data thanks to the signature three levels of stringent QC (Quality Check).
Offering A Range Of Services
Ainnotate has established unique services to meet the needs of its clients based on the potential issues or challenges they have encountered. Image annotation (2D Bounding box, Semantic segmentation, Key point annotation, etc), 3D Point cloud annotation (Cuboid and Semantic Segmentation), AI Data Sourcing (Image, Audio, Video), and Synthetic Image AI data generation (using Python and Computer Vision) are among the major services provided by the company. Ainnotate’s flagship services include AI-assisted image annotation, AI data sourcing, and 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation.

Ainnotate's USP Is Their End To End Secure Image Annotation, Which Sets Them Apart From The Competitors In The Market

Ainnotate’s USP is their end-to-end secure Image annotation, which sets them apart from the competitors in the market. Ainnotate is the world’s first company to provide customers with end-to-end secure annotation services. Customers who use end-to-end secure annotation encrypt (using advanced 256-bit encryption techniques) their dataset (image) at the source and share the encrypted dataset with Ainnotate. These images can only be opened with Ainnotate’s tools, and not even the annotators can open them. The images/ datasets are decrypted and presented to the annotators for annotation. The customer’s encrypted dataset is completely secure on the shared storage platform. This means that even if someone gains access to the link, they will be unable to access the encrypted dataset. Furthermore, the company uses SOTA (State Of The Art) pre trained models whenever possible to provide AI assisted annotations to clients all over the world.

Ainnotate uses AI-assisted image annotation wherever possible, using SOTA (State Of The Art) pretrained models, as one of the various technologies leveraged by the company while providing services and solutions. This shortens the delivery time and ensures high quality training data. They also use Python and computer vision to clean AI data and create synthetic datasets.

Moreover, last decade was all about AI models. Given that AI models have become mature, this decade the focus is more on Data Centric AI, where more focus would be laid on AI Data, rather than the model itself. Ainnotate is committed to contribute to the Data Centric AI.

In addition, Ainnotate’s AI Data Sourcing Platform is in beta testing and will be available to customers globally by April 2022. Customers can securely source image, video, and audio AI training data using this AI data sourcing platform, which includes an Android/iOS app and a cloud dashboard. “In all aspects of the AI data value chain, we are already adding value to our customers. This includes sourcing and annotating AI training data. We intend to bring our AI data sourcing platform to our customers all over the world,” Santosh concludes.