Akiva Superfoods: At the Forefront of a Health Food Transformation in India

Shalabh Gupta, FounderIn the last few decades, Indians have become better travelled, more health aware and highly discerning towards the food choices being made. There is a lot more effort being put into choosing the right kind of food. People are consulting nutritionists, dieticians, sports scientists and actively searching for credible information on the internet. People want and deserve healthier options for their regular food, and that is the purpose of Akiva Superfoods. Akiva has committed itself to provide a new India with healthier food options.

The fantastic health drive in India, and Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, urging all to become a healthier nation through the Fit India Movement, has resulted in food companies of all sizes finding ways of putting healthier food options on the shelves. However, healthier food is mostly boring, mystified, not available easily, expensive and does not taste very good, which prevents adoption. The food industry must innovate using the many amazing ingredients, herbs and flavours which are avail¬able uniquely in India. There has to be a strong shift towards healthier, more sustainable, flavourful, affordable, made in India health concepts that go across markets. The Indian food industry needs to be ahead of the global demand arc by setting international standards in nutrition, sustainable production and creating health focussed packaged food.
Shalabh Gupta, the founder of Akiva Superfoods realised this need gap many years back and decided to start on his entrepreneurial journey.

Akiva Superfoods has a strong direct-to-consumer website with over 70 diverse SKUs across 6 categories

Shalabh founded Akiva Superfoods in 2016. He started his corporate journey with McKinsey & Co. in 2009 and continued inthe organisation until 2014. During this period, he understood the wellness foods market in the USA and Europe by living and working there. On his return to India, he realised that there was a substantial need to make healthy food and beverages more accessible, affordable and convenient to consume for the urban population.

While a lot of companies have recently started thinking of new ideas and options to meet the emerging packaged health food demand, Akiva was fortunate to be ahead of the curve. After the success of the innovative ready-to-drink herbal health shots, Akiva has introduced a wide range of healthier groceries across categories like ghee, peanut butter, honey, apple cider vinegar and herbal powders. They are focused on providing innovative, highquality, flavourful, affordable and nutritious packaged health food products across modern trade, own website and thirdparty e-commerce sites. Innovating to deliver healthier food across large categories is at the core of Akiva Superfood’s business. They work with a team of food technologists, nutritionists, manufacturers and also have a strong network of end consumers to bounce ideas off.

Akiva Superfoods has a strong direct-to-consumer website with over 70 diverse SKUs across 6 categories, catering to over 2 million unique visitors annually. Akiva products are available across all leading global e-commerce channels like Amazon India and Global, Nykaa, Flipkart, Big Basket as well as modern trade outlets in Delhi NCR and Mumbai including 24x7, Foodhall, Big Bazaar Gen Next, Spencer’s, Hypercity and Nature’s Basket. The products are also available with select premium partners like The Taj Mumbai, The Oberoi Gurgaon and The Mariott Hyderabad.

Akiva Superfoods is surging ahead to be the go-to name for healthy foods, first in India and then globally. Specifically, in the next 2 years, they will have highquality high value products across a range of healthier groceries, be present in 10,000 stores, serve over a million customers and have over 100 cr in sales.