AlphaSense: Offering Ground-breaking Search Technology Powered by AI & NLP

The average person residing in modern industrialized society is exposed to as many varied pieces of information in a day as people living a century ago would have seen in a year. That includes newspaper headlines, advertisements, text messages, websites, and much more. It's not astonishing that attention spans are becoming shorter and that the majority of people believe themselves to be busier than ever. With this data overburden, it is next to impossible to recollect all that we have to, to call up names, phone numbers, email addresses, dates, and all the corporate and customer's information we need to do business effectively. This is the reason we use tools to do the remembering and data recovery for us. Amongst the mind-boggling numbers of deep tech startups, AlphaSense, is a name worth mentioning. Incepted in 2011, AlphaSense provides a revolutionary AI-based market intelligence search engine for investment firms and corporations. The platform allows knowledge professionals to rapidly and accurately search the world's most valuable business and market-moving information, including broker research, call transcripts, company reports, and news and trade journals. AlphaSense's ground-breaking search technology, powered by AI and NLP, surfaces the most relevant, comprehensive results by accurately recognizing millions of business and financial terms and their synonyms, as well as companies, industries, topics, and trends.

AlphaSense was born with a vision to be the preeminent source of business insights for all knowledge professionals. That requires both expanding its content sets, as well as building cutting-edge AI and NLP technology to enable any user to quickly search through millions of documents to arrive at the most relevant information. To achieve this, AlphaSense continues growing its world-class product and engineering teams, which is investing heavily in Pune and Mumbai. Since inception, AlphaSense went from serving hedge fund analysts to now working with some of the leading financial institutions and corporations in the world. The company counts 1,000+ clients, including over 50 percent of the S&P 100 corporations and over 66 percent of the 50 largest global investment firms. It has raised $90 million in
total venture funding from investors, including Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors. It has built a world-class team of 300+ employees across the U.S., India, and Finland. Today, AlphaSense has expanded into all industries, continuing to add content, search functionality, and workflow tools to meet the needs of knowledge professionals everywhere.

Raj Neervannan, Founder & CTO,Jack Kokko, Co-Founder & CEO
Team AlphaSense

Raj Neervannan, the company's Founder & CTO, says, "The ever-changing market is much more of an opportunity than a challenge for us. Optimizing the productivity of a firm's human resources is always important, but even more when there is uncertainty in the market. Historically, we have done well when the market is shrinking, and also during phases of growth. We're excited to continue adapting the AlphaSense product offering to new use cases and industries, and we hope to be a big driver of productivity across all industries in the years to come."

AlphaSense provides a revolutionary AI-based market intelligence search engine for investment firms and corporations

To be the single best place for any business professional to surface insights, AlphaSense is putting its best foot forward to build the best AI search technology, and continuously improve its ability to apply deep learning/machine learning to understanding language and organizing business content. Also, the company is bringing all kinds of content globally and also bringing the technology to the doors of a business to help them apply its algorithms to their own in-house content set. Its technology roadmap includes continuing to build and refine best-in-class algorithms to understand language just like humans, identify and classify businesses, topics, extract themes, build recommendation engines, summarizations, sentiment, tone, all the while keeping the search results ever relevant, accurate and real-time even as it deals with the massive explosion in data.