ALTERA ADVISORY: Partners for Financial Growth

Ameya Kamat, Co- Founder & CEO,Praveer ,Co-founder
Ameya Kamat, Co-Founder& CEO
Praveer, Co-founder

Altera Advisory started as a player in the Mutual Fund Distribution space which has broadly four categories of players namely - The Corporate National Distributors including Broking houses, the banking distribution channel which sells MF as a third-party product, online portals and Independent Financial Advisors(IFAs). Among this, The National Distributors cater mostly to the Ultra HNI segment. Similar is banking channels where even the Relationship Manager gets transferred on a regular basis. Hence, the investor does not have access to a consistent interaction with a professional over a period of time who can advise him correctly. The IFA channel has a reach and they provide near personalized services, but most of them are hampered by lack of technology, processes and systems.

This is the space where Altera comes into the picture. It partners with the client and provides them with the convenience and ease of paperless and digital investing experience. Altera now provides
end to end financial solutions and services including tax consultancy for its clients. The three pillars of its offering our technology, service and advisory.

"Registering a revenue growth of 54 per cent in H1 of FY2019 as compared to H2 of FY2018, Altera is continuously adding new wealth partners pan India"

Altera mostly emphasizes the right processes and systems to deliver result-oriented services. When it comes to investments, the team first does a preliminary financial analysis, undertakes a risk profile assessment, ascertains the client’s cash flow needs and financial goals and then designs a portfolio for the client that would address his needs and goals. “To ensure that this exercise is result oriented, we have goal tracking built into our mobile app for the clients, where they can track the progress of each goal and whether we are on track to achieve it or not,” speaks Ameya Kamat, Co-founder & CEO.

The company also undertakes an Annual Portfolio Review for every client, at their request. “Apart from the strong advisory and processes and all the technological tools that help them invest right from their smartphone, they also have access to every financial product under one roof. For our clients, we are a lifelong financial partner who caters to all their financial needs - whether it’s advisory or execution.

The Beginning of Altera
Ameya is a CFA and an expert in the financial services domain while Praveer is an MBA in HR and a

through and through HR professional. Ameya joined a mutual fund distribution company as a CEO and Praveer(Co-founder) who had recently shifted from Delhi to Goa after a corporate stint with Maruti, ICICI Prudential and Ranbaxy got into an agreement with the same company for HR consulting. Both started working together very closely as their main objective was to take that company to the next level. However, a purposefully created misunderstanding eventually sowed the needs of their new venture Altera. “Our journey in the past one year has been good. Since starting operations in August 2017, we have acquired a client every 1.5 working days on an average. We have clients in 16 states of India currently, and we operate out of only one office in Margao Goa as of now,” he mentions.

Registering a revenue growth of 54 per cent in H1 of FY2019 as compared to H2 of FY2018, Altera is continuously adding new wealth partners pan India. The company already has wealth partners finalized for Goa, Kolhapur, Nagpur, New Delhi, Pune and in Virar and Bhayandar(near Mumbai). Looking ahead, the Altera team will now embark on expansion through the franchise model. Currently, franchise setups are near finalization in various places in India. The goal is to establish the presence in at least 100 cities in the next three years.