Altier Electric Vehicles: A Fast-Growing EV Firm Contributing Towards A Greener & All Electric Future

Ekansh Gogia,  Co-Founder & CMO

Ekansh Gogia

Co-Founder & CMO

In response to a coordinated global reaction to the environmental catastrophe brought on by the usage of fossil fuels, electric mobility has continued to rise rapidly. The market is also being fuelled by other causes like growing urbanization, a rise in shared transportation, and shifting consumer preferences toward environmentally friendly commuting alternatives. India's market for electric vehicles is still in its infancy stages and reserves a lot of opportunities for new players. It represents less than one percent of all vehicle sales but has the potential to increase to more than five percent within the next few years. Turnover in the sector has fluctuated, largely as a result of government incentives and policies as well. The government’s green push, reducing customs duty on electric vehicles, as announced along with the 2023 budget, will also play a significant role in further boosting the growth of the EV sector. An important participant in the market is ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV, a Haryana-based firm founded in December 2018, with the goal of creating and delivering energy efficient E-3W that enable last mile connectivity and delivery affordable and environmentally friendly.

The Dream Team
ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV was the brainchild of Co-Founders Eklavya Gogia, (Co-Founder & CEO), and Ekansh Gogia (Co-Founder & CMO). Both Co-Founders brought over seven years of experience in the industry prior to establishing ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV. This experience can be attributed as the backbone upon which the company’s success rests. Along with the co-founders, the firm also gained mentorship, and valuable advice from Kabir Joshi, who brought on 10+ years of experience across multiple industries including manufacturing, logistics, and startup establishment and development. Having completed his education at top institutions like IIT-Madras and UC Berkeley, Kabir brought a broader perspective and learning. Furthermore, the company’s R&D initiatives are led by Hardam Singh, who brought vivid experience in Quality control he garnered while working for Hero Motorcycle, Manesar. Working for one of the top companies in the country, Hardam Singh brought unparalleled R&D knowledge and experience which proved highly fruitful for ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV.

Services & Differentiating Factors
ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV was established to participate in the Green India initiative with the sole purpose of making India greener and increasing consumer incomes at the bottom of the pyramid. With a full EV ecosystem stack, ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV E-3W seeks to be the market leader in last-mile passenger and cargo mobility. ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV has grown into one of the most well-known companies in the EV market, providing hassle free last mile logistics to daily commuters and businesses, with persistent hard work, devotion, and consistent efforts over the course of all these years. The company's product line of E-3W’s is supported by top-notch and high-quality parts from India. Customers & Businesses appreciate the hassle-free operation, superior functionality, extended lifespan, and low maintenance
requirements of ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV's E-3W’s. ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV's primary goal is customer satisfaction, thus the company offers tailor-made solutions to its customer’s unique needs as well.

“We cater to the passenger segment with four models and the cargo market with three unique models. These can be viewed in detail on our website. Our products are testimony to our endeavour of a pollution free India & emerging as India’s leading EV Manufacturer in last mile logistics. We have managed to take the lead in the L-3 Cargo segment where 20 percent of our revenue is contributed by this segment against an industry standard of 5-7 percent as per VAHAN Data", shares Ekansh Gogia, Co-Founder & CMO, ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV.

The Company's Mission Is To Meet The Demands Of The Consumers In The Best Possible Way While Also Assisting With Green Environmental Regulations

The company's mission is to meet the demands of the consumers in the best possible way while also assisting with green environmental regulations. The vehicles offered by ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV solve first & last mile public commutes as well as last mile delivery issues in India, two pressing issues in India's current EV scenario. The passenger vehicles help to make first and last mile connectivity affordable, comfortable, and quick, not to forget that they are pollution free. Cargo vehicles help the Businessman/Trader/SME lower their cost of delivery, and increase business efficiency contributing to higher margins.

“Being a customer centric business, we spare no effort to maintain out standing quality to meet client’s requirements accurately. Our products are tested on numerous parameters before they travel to the customers. It is our fair dealings and unmatched record of meeting our customers’ demands that have won us a respectable place in the respective industry”, further adds Ekansh.

Future Roadmap
ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV is on a mission to become a leader in the EV industry and is adamant about making 2023 a year of tremendous growth and development. The company is planning to expand its manufacturing, R&D, and supply chain departments in addition to expanding its team strength. “2023 marks a new growth phase for us, as we strive to provide holistic, end-to-end last mile logistics and connectivity solutions in India and empower lives. Our major focus to support our growth trajectory this year will be on expanding the business by increasing the production capacity to cater to the growing demand across India, and new product launches, and strengthening the supply chain while also lowering the dependence on imports for power train related components. We will also start in house manufacturing of Lithium Ion Batteries, and grow our dedicated R&D centre”, further adds Ekansh.

Along with the export industry, the company will be concentrating its efforts on institutional purchases, fleet operators, and governmental contracts. The firm also intends to update some of its current models and expand its product line to include electric 2-wheelers and L-5 Category E-Autos. In order to raise production capacity to 5000 units annually, the business plans to establish a new manufacturing facility in Yamunanagar District with a fully automated assembly line and an exclusive R&D centre. With strategic plans for the holistic development of the company, ALTIER ELECTRIC VEHICLES EV is becoming an industry powerhouse.