• CityLife: A Young Firm Uniquely Positioned to Assist the Rising EV Industry
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    CityLife: A Young Firm Uniquely Positioned to Assist the Rising EV Industry

    Over the last few years, the sales of Electric Vehicles have grown rapidly in the country. In fact, as per findings of a survey done by Windmill Capital, it is found that the Indian EV market houses various small as well as large EV startups and is estimated to reach $15,397 billion by the year 2027. The report also states that the government’s support, active participation from the industry and high fuel prices are all positives for the EV industry. Indian EV startups are offering a slew of services such as sustainable mobility, energy infrastructure, commercial mobility to the general masses and other organizations. Besides, they are also helping to reduce carbon emissions and offering a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels.


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