Amalgam:A Sustainable Clothing Company with Zero-Waste Policy at its Core

Aishwarya Sultania,  FounderDue to the ongoing climate crisis, companies across the world irrespective of their size or industry, are embracing sustainability initiatives into their process. Going green is no more an option, but a necessity. The textile & apparel industry is no different. According to the National Climate Change Journal, textile production is one of the most polluting industries, producing 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions more than the emissions of international flights and maritime shipping put together. Also, today's consumers are a eco-conscious lot and prefer using clothes that are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. As a result, textile and apparel companies are now inculcating sustainability practices in every aspect of their process.

Standing out among the hoard of clothing & apparel companies is Amalgam. Founded in 2020 by Aishwarya Sultania, the company offers a wide range of high quality and fashion trendy clothing, jewelry and accessories to men and women. Keeping environmental conservation as paramount, Amalgam practices sustainability in its entire product life cycle right from sourcing of raw materials to packaging process.

"Sustainable living is at the core of Amalgam. We believe in slow fashion and sustainable business practices. Our products are made in small batches by our artisans using sustainable & upcycled fabrics and non-toxic natural dyes. From the start, our mission has been to not only create beautiful sustainable clothes, but also enlighten our customers on
the importance of slow fashion and circular living. All of our pieces are crafted with utmost care, and a lot of brainstorming happens behind the concept of every collection that we make", says Aishwarya.

Amalgam majorly uses hemp fiber in its manufacturing process due to its thermostatic & antimicrobial properties and its ability to block UV rays. Additionally, all the dyes used in the process are 100 percent organic and free from toxic or artificial chemicals. Each raw material used in the manufacturing process undergoes a strict R& D to ensure they are authentic and toxin-free. Post manufacturing, every product is put through stringent quality checks before being dispatched, thus never compromising on the quality of its products.

From The Start, Our Mission Has Been To Not Only Create Beautiful Sustainable Clothes, But Also Enlighten Our Customers On The Importance Of Slow Fashion And Circular Living

Explaining further, Aishwarya says, "Each of our silhouettes are designed to be ever lasting classic pieces that could be worn and re worn multiple times for multiple seasons. Also, all our jewelry collections consist of carefully handcrafted pieces with a story behind each design we produce. Each of our jewelry collections are not only environment friendly, but also look trendy and creatively designed to suit every occasion, thus giving a chic look to the fashionist as wearing them. We want to create a holistically better environment for our mother earth and every living been residing in it".

Yet another striking factor about Amalgam is the zero waste policy it follows. Any leftover raw material or fabric is put to use in one or the other way, and never allowed to go waste. Going the extra mile towards sustainability, the company even takes the leftover materials from its raw material providers and manufacturers to ensure nothing goes waste. Additionally, Amalgam's packaging is 100 percent recyclable & plastic-free, wherein its boxes are produced using recycled corrugated cardboard and tag strings are made of jute. However, what places it a league above all other sustainable clothing companies is the fact that each of Amalgam's clothing tags are made of seed paper and can be sown into the soil and grow plants.

"It has been an overwhelming journey so far, and we've made quite a mark in the industry with the kind of products we're catering and the narrative behind the brand. Being a pandemic baby, our brand has gone through both ups and downs; but with the strong foundation, we've managed to come quite far. Going forward, we are planning to expand globally in the coming year", concludes Aishwarya.