Amaze Beauty: Let Your Beauty Shine!

In today’s modern and fastpaced lifestyle, people are left with no time to reflect on themselves and are always caught up in the web of this rushed life. And amidst this rushing about, they tend to lose on their relaxation time and fail to indulge in relaxing grooming sessions for themselves. This prevalence did not go unnoticed by Puneet and Shalu Malhotra and they then decided to do something about the issue. For having worked in the beauty field for more than a decade, they understood that because of the hectic pace of their lives people are left yearning for pampering and relaxation time. In an attempt to build a ground for this problem, they both came together and sculpted the foundation of Amaze Beauty Delhi’s most established home salon delivering beauty treatments in the comfort of their own home. “Todays busy lifestyle leads us with neither the time nor the inclination to visit conventional beauty salons. At Amaze Beauty, we acknowledge this fact and offer a convenient, indulgent and professional solution at your doorstep that takes the pressure away,” says Puneet Malhotra, Founder, Amaze Beauty.

Established in 2014, a professional and experienced bridal make-up and beauty salon, Amaze Beauty delivers a comprehensive menu of treatments directly at the door at a time that suits the customer. The company offers the finest treatments & services related to hair face, body, manicure or pedicure. Run by professional certified beauticians, Amaze beauty also gives amazing combos, deals and packages that can be booked just by a click of a button through their website. Devoted to bring you back to balance, it also furnishes a vibrant
Puneet Malhotra & Shalu Malhotra,Co- Founder
array of products that adds to the beauty experience of the customer. In addition this in order to provide you the finest of services each member of the Amaze Beauty is handpicked and is highly trained and exceptionally talented where it is also mandatory for them to undergo several trainings. “Customer is the focus of our business and in order to keep them content we focus on providing wide range of treatments that are done with the highest standard and tend to suit all their unique needs,” asserts Shalu Malhotra, Founder Amaze Beauty.

A professional and experienced bridal make up and beauty salon, Amaze Beauty delivers a comprehensive menu of treatments directly at the door at a time that suits the customer

Dedicated to the enhancement of personal beauty and relaxation at home, the company does not hesitate to go above and beyond in its operations and is always ready to go an extra mile to ensure that a client feels totally pampered at home. Having served over 2000 happy clients, Amaze Beauty has successfully made a breakthrough in the market and continues to make significant strides in the beauty segment. “We are constantly upgrading and educating ourselves with the latest innovation in beauty and lifestyle. Our aim is to ensure that a customer gets a complete hasslefree beauty experience at his home,” avers Puneet and Shalu on a concluding note.