Amaze Infotainment : Revolutionizing the AR-VR market with in-house AR framework

Bajrang Shah,Founder & Managing Director

Bajrang Shah

Founder & Managing Director

The present and future market potential of the Augmented Reality industry can be gauged by the recent spate of acquisitions made by the big three- Google, Apple and Facebook, of smaller AR-VR ventures around the world. However, these mergers and acquisitions have led to a vacuum in the demand and supply across the AR-VR market all over the world. Sensing this situation, Hyderabad based Amaze Infotainment is coming forth to seize this opportunity and offer its products and API’s to smaller companies all over the world that do not have the wherewithal and bandwidth to develop their own AR engine.

Two years since its inception, Amaze Infotainment has developed its own Augmented Reality Framework. The Founder and Managing Director of Amaze
Infotainment, Bajrang Shah proudly boasts, “To the best of our knowledge we are the only company in India to have developed our in-house AR framework from scratch.” Amaze’s AR application has created a paradigm shift in search and information technology. One is no longer required to choose a search engine and type key words to access information. Amaze’s technology allows camera equipped mobile phones to serve as an inexpensive and versatile platform for AR applications.

We see ourselves pushing down the cost of an AR campaign by at least a 3rd from its current levels in India and across the world

Providing market insight into the unique situation that currently prevails in the AR-VR market, Bajrang Shah explains, “Presently all the companies that have developed their AR Platforms are based either in the USA, Europe or Japan. Companies based in India in this domain use products and APIs licensed by the offshore companies and hence pay a huge percentage of their revenue as license fees.” He further adds, “Amaze brings an immediate cost advantage as our company has developed its own AR Platform and
does not pay any license fees. Further as we are based in India this cost advantage extends to the entire world market. We see ourselves pushing down the cost of an AR campaign by at least a 3rd from its current levels in India and across the world.”

Amaze AR app can be utilized across industry verticals such as tourism, education, advertising & print, films sports and others. Moving forward Amaze will license its AR products and APIs to companies around the world entering the AR domain. Bajrang Shah says, “We see this as a major revenue stream in the near future.” The popular freemium pricing model will be adopted for licensing Amaze AR and APIs. The MD hopes this model to attract app developers to the platform as it will be free for a limited time. The Amaze AR app is available on the Google play store and is free to download.

The MD speaking highly of his technical team says that the professionals here are capable of taking Augmented Reality to the next level. And behind these professionals is the strong management team. Bajrang Shah sees Amaze as a leading innovator in the mobile space in the near future. He concludes saying, “We are not just hopeful but are confident that as a pioneer in the industry, we will be able to turn Amaze into one of the most profitable and socially useful enterprises.”