Amicures Research: Innovative Research-based Healthcare Solutions for Healthy Human Longevity

Dr. Sushil Kumar,  Managing Director
Dr. Sushil Kumar
Managing Director

The life sciences space is coerced by commercial chain of products and services. Today, most companies keep a hawk-eye on existing and new market opportunities, but often neglect the real-life challenges that exist in the healthcare ecosystem. Even if companies try to invest valuable resources in addressing these real-life challenges, the probability of them succeeding is highly impervious because “Any research-based products take a considerable time and money before it is finally launched in the market, says Dr. Sushil Kumar, Managing Director of Amicures Research. He further adds, “At Amicures Research, we try our best to save time and money while providing solutions to these real-life challenges by collaborating hand-picked talented scholars of renowned technical institutions and it has worked brilliantly. Such scholars are focused solving the root cause of a real-life problem instead of force fitting to survive. Once suitable products and solutions are developed, Amicures Research invests in identifying and protecting the intellectual property and preparing strategies for its business prospects”.

Dr. Kumar has a robust experience of over two decades of working at
multiple positions in different business verticals including Science & Technology, Marketing, IP (Intellectual Property) and Sales. The company began its journey in the year 2014 and very quickly placed branded generic products in the market. The company’s constant focus on innovation and alliance with some of the best academic institutions in Delhi, Jamshedpur and Ranchi. He mentions, “We have created research-based products focusing on the challenges, be it for obesity, stress, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer, water treatment and more. Currently, with more than 6 patent applications to our credit, in the next couple of months we will be launching new products that will help people to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

"Led by 25+ innovative brains, the company is on a mission to produce targeted and personalized healthcare services in a substantially cost-effective manner"

Paving Way for an AI-based Technology Solution
Amicures Research recently signed a MoU with a tech company. The team is working closely in developing products related to predictive healthcare techniques. “We have integrated immense knowledge, technology and expertise on a single platform, which be a game changer, as it enables users to closely take care of their health on a predictive and periodic basis,” says Dr. Kumar.

Led by a team of over 25 innovative, focused, creative brains, Amicures Research is on a mission to produce targeted and personalized healthcare solutions in a substantially cost-effective manner. Amicures Research is already
working towards lifestyle corrective and preventive measures, to ensure minimal treatment and thus paving way for predictive healthcare solutions.

The company has been instrumental in producing essential drugs at affordable prices and strictly follows national and international quality standards. In fact, keeping research at the centre of every thing, Amicures Research at present provides more than 30 products in domestic market.

The Big Picture
The company has been booking about 50 percent growth YoY. In the coming days, this figure is likely to increase as they have plans to expand in domestic market and export their products to ASEAN and African countries. Also plan to launch innovative products in the market on large scale. The company has filed patent applications on some innovative products pertaining to dietary supplements, detox water, water treatment device, Alzheimer and is seeking investments to commercialise the products at a large scale. Speaking about the type of investors that the Company would like to work with, Dr. Sushil says “Today, investors think of fast and short-term returns and mostly get stuck with the investee Company. Instead, if they invest in research-based products Company and also mentor its team, it will create new niche in market and a long-term dependable business model, both for the investors and the Company. Government support is crucial for the growth of the industry and favourable policies will nurture the talent and business equally,”he concludes.