Amirtha Fashion: Bringing the Forgotten Kids Authentic Ethnic Wear to Mainstream again

Renith Kumar, Founder & Chief Business Lead

Renith Kumar

Founder & Chief Business Lead

Whilst the contemporary world has marched towards the extent where fashion choices are rather outrageous and the primitive character of clothes seems mundane, the Indian culture resists the change and yet holds to heart, every thread of tradition and culture that gives an edge to the Indian designs adopted all over the world. In a world where fashion mongrels struggle to seek and sought an edge in their fashion statements, there are certain brands that continue to promote simplicity and culture in their designs and fabrics. AMIRTHA FASHION is one of the mostrecognized D2C Indian ethnic wear brands with deeprooted culture fashion lines that offer a traditional clothing range for kids’ apparel. The designs brought to the customers are the cultural nuances woven into Indian fabrics to portray the rich heritage that we are proud of.

Connecting Z'ers with their Culture
The thought behind building AMIRTHA FASHION was a simple and pure one, that embarked on a journey to bring together and bind in a thread, those who seem to have lost in the westernization and colonization. The fashion industry promotes trends that can be constructed and destructed within smaller timeframes. As deserted as the concept seems, it is inevitable for youngsters to be lost in these meaningless trends and lose respect for their very own culture. AMIRTHA
FASHION came to the rescue with simple and timeless trends that represents Indian culture and stands out among the other outfits. "The primary inspiration to develop the fashion line were the customers. The customers were in an endless search for traditional outfits for festivities and ethnic wear occasions but would be disappointed as the market for western wear outfits has a broader outreach. Either the design aspect of the outfit or the quality would be a compromised purchase for the clients when they finally found AMIRTHA FASHION the place to be for ethnic wear", says Renith Kumar, Founder & Chief Business Lead, AMIRTHA FASHION.

AMIRTHA FASHION has set on a journey with a headstrong motive to bring to its clients the best traditional wear outfits for their kids. AMIRTHA FASHION made an effort to get the best materials sourced from different parts of India like pure silk and pure cotton to supersede the client’s quality expectation of the outfits. The traditional designs of the outfits are another catch, as every design has a heritage and a cultural story attached to it.

AMIRTHA FASHION plays an important role, casting a big impact on the Z’ers to be deeply rooted in their culture and proudly represent their tradition through their outfits

Portraying Rich Indian Cultural Diversity
AMIRTHA FASHION takes pride in the fact that despite having a set-up in Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, its designs have become popular and much demanded in the Northern regions of the country where the company gets bulk orders from clients. Apart from India, AMIRTHA FASHION also ships its fashion range to the US Australia, and Canada. The manufacturing unit is capable of handling the rising demands across the globe, summing to 1 lakh units per month.

AMIRTHA FASHION has been the most loved and opted company for traditional kids’ wear. The reason behind the appreciation is quality kids’ wear at an affordable range which makes the company stands out among its contemporaries. Coming far from when it started, AMIRTHA FASHION has marked its success on 100 million INR business, which is the truest alibi of the rising demand from the company. Showered with laurels such as 'PREMIER SELLER', 'TOP BRAND' by Amazon, and 'PLATINUM SELLER' by Flipkart, the long-term goal for AMIRTHA FASHION is to consolidate cultures from different parts of India under one brand, as every design awaits a representation of its history.