Anaisol Business Consultants: Creating Strong & Loyal Customer Communities Around Brands

 Vijay Kumar Yenamala,     FounderThe emergence of Integrated Market Communication has become a significant example of development in the Indian marketing discipline. It has influenced thinking and acting among companies and organizations facing the realities of competition in the present open economy. Integrated communication ensures that the message is consistent and cohesive regardless of the channel. Companies risk creating confusion and misunderstanding without this strategic thread, resulting in a loss of trust or perception of in authenticity. Established in 2019 and based out of Hyderabad, Anaisol Business Consultants is an integrated marketing and management consultancy firm providing all necessary services for brands to grow holistically.

In the pre-COVID scenario, there wasn't much awareness about strong branding or having a strong digital presence or brand image. After COVID in 2020, there has been a lot of awareness among businesses to create a strong brand image and maintain better customer relationships. Before COVID, businesses like marketing communication, digital marketing agencies or public relations used to convince clients and had to put a lot of effort into bringing their focus to their brand image. Post-COVID, clients are working towards developing their brand to have a strong digital presence and brand image amongst their followers and customers. This is where the change has been happening very
rapidly about the integrated marketing communications, and this has been pulling all these verticals like public relations or digital marketing, or the branding activities together. Anaisol Business Consultants is a fully integrated digital marketing agency catering to all clients' requirements under one roof. "Forever evolving ideas, adaption to new mediums techniques, and perfect execution have helped us garner the best results for many brands", speaks Vijay Kumar Yenamala, Founder, Anaisol Business Consultants.

With clients from various industries like fashion, retail, education, finance, healthcare, and many other industries, we strive to give the brand a distinct identity which will create profit and popularity

Fulfilling Marketing Requirements Under One Roof
Anaisol Business Consultants provides all the services related to growing the brand, boosting sales, increasing customer engagement, or any other goal, and they deliver it the best. They specialize in offering holistic marketing solutions for brands, which will help them have consistency in how it interacts with their audience across the marketing channels. Anaisol is an expert in managing social media platforms, creating content/design, website development and every thing related to brand growth. "With clients from various industries like fashion, retail, education, finance, healthcare, and many other industries, we strive to give the brand a distinct identity which will create profit and popularity", explains Vijay.

Anaisol Business Consultants is a team of young and passionate Strategists, Marketers, Designers, Techies, and Filmmakers working to create a strong digital presence for their clients' businesses. The flexibility in adapting to new technologies and a creative and passionate workforce made Anaisol deliver the best results for its clients. The founder's over a decade experience, and access to a huge network of businesses have been the differentiating factor of Anaisol from all the other digital marketing agencies in the market. The commpany has received a lot of applause and awards from local organizations.

Anaisol, in the past three years, was focusing on acquiring the local clientele, and as they have enough experience and since the team is well settled, it plans to expand to other states. Anaisol aims to grow its portfolio with strong brands by pitching to big tech companies for bigger clientele.