Andreal: Beyond Reality!

Rishika Kajaria,Founder & Director

Rishika Kajaria

Founder & Director

The new era market is more informational. Both marketers and entrepreneurs are constantly finding answers for need fulfillment of their customers in best possible way. Businesses understand this. Marketing has changed more in the last five years and the rapid progress doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. As digital trends evolve every year, businesses are aware of the changes to easily adapt to emerging technologies and stay ahead in the market. Helping such business to stay ahead of the curve is Andreal, the design & branding services division of Anderson. Anderson Printing House provides commendable printing solutions. Andreal aims to provide businesses with services that make their communication with clients easier. It offers a full scale of creative and content solutions under one roof.

Set up in 2017, Andreal is headed by Rishika Kajaria, a design graduate from Raffles Design Institute, Mumbai, specializing in visual communication, with a postgraduate qualification in management from Symbiosis. The culmination of a long-cherished dream to bring the left and right brain together to create comprehensive marketing communication, it spans design and development for print, screen and evolving media such as AR & VR to create 360-degree communication for clients. The emphasis is on better storytelling by utilizing all conventional and digital channels, including mobile phones and wearables. “We go
beyond reality and create an exquisite experience worth immersing oneself in, by unifying the budding AR & VR technology with an international outlook,” she says.

Andreal provides 360-degree services for clients from brand building to persuasion through conventional new and emerging channels. It works with them to create experiences that are within the conditioned reality and extend these experiences beyond this reality. The company develops virtual imagery of the as yet unborn, un-constructed, unrealized to pre-create an environment they would like to share with their target audience. The content Andreal creates enables the audience to not only experience but also immerse and interact with the Virtual World.

Andreal provides 360-degree services for clients from brand building to persuasion through conventional, new and emerging channels

The Success Formula
One of the primary challenges that Andreal encounters is the threat of quick obsolescence as newer technologies emerge. To meet the challenges, the company has created a team internally to monitor the advancements in technologies on a real-time basis and upgrade ourselves quickly to harness the power. “We have a creative, R&D and marketing team which is regularly interacting to meet these challenges. The idea is to keep everyone on the same page and not allow technology to overshadow narrative (story-telling) and Brand communication. At Andreal, we want to stay at the forefront of development with the right combination of creativity, technology, and communication,” she asserts.

Andreal focuses on clients needs as much as on technology. The idea is to provide complete 360-degree solutions. With the four main pillars namely - strategy of communication, knowledge and teamwork, the company provides best solutions and ideas for businesses. “The most important thing is to keep track of your story in communication. The story comes first and has to be powerful. It is also very important to tell the story in a way that gets communicated to the target audience with the right note. Since the channels are continuously evolving and changing one must be careful to maintain the cohesion of communication across all channels. It is also critical to keep the feed-back loop open so that we can take advantage of the interactive potential of new media and keep audiences engaged,” she mentions.

The future plan for Andreal is to become a global solution provider in its chosen field, for which the team is watering the roots at the moment.