Ansio: Connecting the Farmers and Consumers with a Sustainable E-commerce Platform

Venkatesh Sivaraman,FounderThe present Covid-19 scenario has witnessed many shops, companies, and individuals taking advantage of the current situation by selling and delivering essential items. These newly emerging players represent only one side of the coin, as many big international players are offering the same set of services for a long time now. The overriding goal of both local and international e-commerce ventures is to acquire more customers and money, throwing the concept of sustainable growth out of the window. Most of the players have just seen the big opportunity Covid-19 has presented and are not going for a sustainable business model.

Since inception in 2014, Ansio has always modeled sustainability as an e-commerce retailer. Having multiple stores in and around the city of Chennai, Ansio delivers a wide range of essential products from fruits, vegetables, groceries, and household goods. The E-commerce venture has a group of chain stores under its disposal and delivers its customers online through a fleet of delivery executives. Currently, Ansio operates at a B2B, as well as a B2C model.

Hailing from a traditional farming family, Ansio's Founder, Mr. Venkatesh Sivaraman, understood the plight of the farmers that existed in rural India. Farmers not getting what they are supposed to get in the form of rewards, benefits, and return of investments due to supply chain in-efficiencies. Being a
victim of supply chain inefficiency himself, Venkatesh Sivaraman built Ansio with the main motive to get the best for the farmers and, at the same time, provide the best quality products to its customers at a reasonable rate.

Ansio is best at ensuring the benefits of both the farmers and the customers with fresh produce. All the products are procured from nearby local farms, and the company ensures that the fresh produce is in the customer's hand within a day. In addition to that, Ansio also provides the customers with information relating to where the products are coming from. This, according to Mr. Venkatesh, gives confidence to the customers. He says,” we follow an Operational model - where we connect our farmers to our customers.”

Ansio's business point of view is all about getting the impact for the farmers and creating the value addition for the consumers.

Agile & Committed Team
A major chunk of the credit for Ansio's success could be traced back to its committed team of Founding members. The team goes out of its way to understand customer problems and ensure that the customers get their delivery most efficiently. The team in a very agile fashion is capable of acting up to any hurdle, react wherever appropriate, and take adequate steps to understand the need and understand the market conditions. In terms of procuring and logistics, Ansio has all the right assets under its disposal.

Ansio ensures benefits of both the farmers and the customers with fresh produce

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Ansio team has had to overcome many hurdles pertaining to supply chain and logistics, and as a result, helped boost the company's revenue growth manifold.

Looking to Expand Across Multiple Channels
For the upcoming future, Ansio aims to set up tie-ups with chain stores, looking to capitalize on the high demands for fresh food. In addition, Ansio has tied up with NGOs by providing the NGOs the opportunity to sell via its channels. The e-commerce retailer intends to distribute its technology across different channels.

Ansio is planning to expand its footprint in a massive way in the up-coming three years. The company has plans to expand across tier 2 & 3 cities of most of the southern parts of India, especially Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and possibly parts of Andhra Pradesh as well.