Anvesha Tech-Lab: Powering the Healthcare Industry with Tech Solutions

 Priyank Patel,  CEOThe healthcare industry is no stranger to technological advancements, and configurable software solutions are becoming popular for every healthcare organization. According to Grand View Research, the custom software development industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 22.3 percent from 2022 to 2030. Recognizing reliable, tailor-made solutions for healthcare institutions' specific requirements Anvesha Tech-Lab is rapidly developing configurable as well as COTS software that fits clients' businesses to perform well, increase profits, and make work time-efficient and systems reliable. The company aids with design, workflow, output, timeline, and most importantly, the financial outlay on the project everything is tailor-made to fit the healthcare industry's needs.

Anvesha Tech-Lab was founded in 2019 (Gujarat) by Priyank Patel (CEO), a veteran of the IT sector with two decades of experience in software development. He has designed and launched industry specific and reliable software products tailor-made for the pharmaceutical industry and has successfully implemented them at the leading lights of the industry. In addition, he has always been an able team leader with a keen eye for anticipating and solving crucial issues during the development and implementation of complex and multi-layered software systems. Till now, the company has served varied pharmaceuticals in India and abroad.

Ensuring Effective Solutions
Anvesha Tech-Lab works on three different segments, software, automation, and validation, as a tech company for the Health industry. The core products comprise plant maintenance solutions practiced by every healthcare manufacturing unit for preventive maintenance, calibration, and breakdown. Next, the Employee Upgradation and Training Solution will upscale the manpower of the industry for better performance. Also, Warehouse & material management and ERP solutions are parallel with the world's leading ERP brands. Importantly, the Stability Sample Management & Trending Solution and Document Issuance & Control are domain-specific software for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Further adding, Priyank stated, “On the management side, we have Quality Management Solutions(QMS), Electronic Batch Manufacturing Records Management(EBMR), E-logbook Management(E-logbook), Spreadsheet Management and the most crucial for many pharma companies, the Compliance Management Platform, which is unique in the Indian market and is our best seller. We also have a Recruitment Portal – HRMS – Pay roll specifically for the healthcare industry. So, in and around, we have 12 integrated products, which cover all the requirements".

Moreover, to assure quality and efficacy, Anvesha Tech-Lab products are developed as per USFDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. As a tech company, ATL adheres to the tech benchmarks, but since it serves the healthcare industry, the company also complies with all global pharma guidelines, such as EU & Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), along with Industry 4.0 (India).

Furthermore, ATL is leveraging technology through a data-driven approach by utilizing analytics of individual client preferences, behaviors, and requirements to offer a personalized solution based on AI. Next are advanced UI/ UX and cutting-edge real-time communication technologies. ATL enables cloud technology and scalability with IoT integration for data capture, inbuilt data security and privacy, predictive analytics, and VR/AR. These technologies are used to give clients a better experience and foster a lasting partnership.

“Our products are acquiring market share and we are introducing additional products. Currently, we are focusing on the Indian & Asian markets however, our objective for 2025 is to target the American market, thereby establishing ATL as the most well known and competitive Indian brand in the healthcare technology sector, as no tech companies have a significant presence in the Indian healthcare industry till now”, concludes Priyank.