Appizion: An Emerging Partner Addressing All Your Staff Augmentation Needs

Naga prasad ,Co-Founder & CEO

Naga prasad

Co-Founder & CEO

An estimated $500 billion (INR 32 lac crores) in annual revenue, or around 25 percent of Indian GDP is generated by the global recruitment industry. Organizations that find and/or supply workers to other businesses are included in the staffing sector. Since the past four years, this has increased by 7 percent to 10 percent CAGR. By revenue, the Global HR & Recruitment Services sector will have a market value of $761.6 billion in 2023. Growth is anticipated to expand as a result of the integration of predictive analytics into HR operations and IT improvements.

Appizion is a young firm with the goal of offering top-notch technology advisory and services all over the world. Set up with a goal of achieving global recognition for its systems integration services, Appizion provides full range of consultancy services including staff augmentation (permanent, temporary and contract to hire staffing solutions), management of advertising campaigns, on-site recruitment and master vendor services for a range of customers which includes software houses, consultancy practices and end-users.

Appizion’s Forte
The consulting firm, Appizion Staff is in charge of all processes involving IT personnel, aerospace & defense, automotive & heavy equipment, banking, chemicals, consumer products, industrial machinery & components, primary & fabricated metals, textiles, and wholesale distribution. The company's ability to add value through specialization and expertise underpins its success. “We are dedicated to fostering long-term relationships with both our clients and consultants.

This gives us the knowledge to understand their needs and to provide strategic IT staffing solutions for our clients and rewarding careers for our consultants”, shares Naga prasad Adding further, Naga prasad says, “Our clientele is expanding, and it now comprises software companies, consulting firms, and end users. Our main goal is to provide a customized consulting service that addresses the main concerns of our clients. We go above and beyond to guarantee that we truly understand a client's business and can offer significant value to their recruitment campaigns.”

Curating Solutions for HR Needs
The HR industry is also witnessing a paradigm shift owing to the increasing automation of processes. However, a lot of industries still lag in this aspect as they continue to promote and promulgate the idea of ‘human touch’. Currently, approximately 32 businesses make use of HR software. For managing the extensive documentation required for employee onboarding and management, the remainder continue to use paper files, pen, and ink. While the human touch is still important in certain aspects of HR work, other areas such as documentation can benefit from automation. Appizion is assisting clients gain awareness of the advantages of automation, and integrate automated systems into the existing HR framework to help make the transition seamless.

“The amount of unnecessary paperwork that HR departments encounter after making the changeover to automation decreases, which lowers the cost of materials and human processes. Making decisions based on data, companies can assess various procedures and their efficacy by tracking data across HR functions.
A rise in productivity is also seen as a result of data exchange and speedy processing. Increased staff engagement will lower employee turnover. It also helps reduce the price of printing and storing paper for processing and avoid compliance risks and policy infractions. This is why automation should be chosen, and we are aiding clients in making the transition effortless”, further adds Naga prasad.

Addressing Gaps with Unique Resources
The team at Appizion is headed by seasoned industry professionals that ensure that the various visions and missions of the company are being fulfilled. The company’s ultimate mission is to emerge as the most reliable partner in the industry, and eventually become a market leader, bar none.

While planning strategies and initiatives, the team ensures that every new innovation propels the firm one step closer to achieving its missions. The team tailors every activity and all decisions to align with the company’s culture and vision while also ensuring that all the stakeholders are taken care of. Consolidating every affected party’s ideas and taking care of interests is paramount for the Appizion team.

The great resignation, which started around 2021, during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, has also added fuel to the rising demand of staffing augmentation services. Citing low pay, lack of respect at the workplace, and no opportunities for personal and professional growth, a huge chunk of the workforce quit their jobs, and started to venture out on their own. While this drastic step could be perceived as an overreaction by some, the fact that more individuals ventured into creating their companies and exploring freelancing, has pushed the economy further by enhancing the number of employment opportunities available.

"Appizion is assisting clients gain awareness of the advantages of automation, and integrate automated systems into the existing hr framework to help make the transition seamless"

India has a reasonable degree of decoupling from the rest of the globe in terms of the likelihood of a recession. The nation with a sizable young population brings a large number of possibilities to come out of this phase of global economic downturn. India's labor market is extremely competitive, which is one of the reasons why the country is doing well. Currently, a large portion of the workforce are reevaluating their careers and quitting their employment in historic numbers as the economy deals with the pandemic's aftereffects.

We believe that by focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency we can create an organization that sets the standard for excellence

Through the challenges being posed by the current market scenario and the ongoing recession is proving to be quite a huge obstacle, Appizion’s managers and leaders are stepping up the game to contribute to the changing needs of the clients. The business of Appizion Consulting and Solutions is growing to include implementations of SAP S/4HANA Cloud platforms, rollouts, and enhancements as well as countryspecific localizations of objects, managed services, and AMS engagements across Europe, the US, and the Middle East. The company is leveraging the accessible Networking forums, websites, and app along with multiple qualified talent acquisition resources to better cater to all the clients.

Future Roadmap
Global work dynamics have changed as a result of COVID, and this change is particularly noticeable in outsourcing regions. The remote work paradigm is here to stay, despite the fact that there are many critics of it and its manner of operating. Clients make sure that this strategy is used ethically and successfully to help firms locate the best employees, partners, or consultants. “The goal for Appizion Consulting & Solutions over the next five years is to become a leader in our industry. We believe that by focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency we can create an organization that sets the standard for excellence”, mentions Naga prasad.

In order to achieve these goals, the firm intends to put a lot of effort into cultivating enduring connections with clients, partners, and suppliers. The team believes that doing so will foster a sense of loyalty and trust in the firm while also opening up possibilities for advancement. In order to stay abreast of emerging technology and trends, the firm will also make significant research and development investments in the coming years.

Furthermore, the firm also aspires to make sure that the team at Appizion never loses sight of operational effectiveness. The company can lower costs and boost production by employing technology to streamline procedures. In order to encourage everyone to contribute their ideas and abilities, the company also intends to promote a culture of cooperation and teamwork. Lastly, Appizion is also focusing on expanding its geographical footprint by forming longterm collaborations with clients overseas.