APS Lifetech: Imbibe. Innovate. Implement.

Paritosh Shekhar,  Co-founder
Dr. Paritosh Shekhar
Founder& CEO

Majority of people in the industry have this queer notion when it comes to buying goods or products from other countries. They seem ready to spend a huge amount of money without a second thought! This is a surreal scene one witness across industries. At the same time, many Indian companies that follow a much similar approach, process and expertise to deliver the same international quality outcomes, goes through a tough phase. The idea of doing business with them is quite daunting.

Noticeably, in the last five-six years, the scenario has completely changed. In fact, it has been a blessing in disguise for many of the start-ups who have newly entered the market. One such company scripting the ‘Make in India’ success story in the life sciences space is APS Lifetech. A fast-evolving biotech company focused on drug discovery, Molecular Diagnostic, agriculture, Biotronics, Infertility, Nanotechnology & Consulting & CRO Services, APS Lifetech is also actively involved in sales of medical devices, laboratory instruments and Bio-pharma, antibodies & reagents products under one roof.

Dr. Paritosh Shekhar, Founder & CEO, APS Lifetech explains, “There was a fund crunch in the market
and Govt.'s limited spend on research and development projects had its repercussions in terms of taking cost-effective measures. In fact, this opened doors to opportunity for companies like ours to offer cost-effective, reliable, and quality services & products. Ultimately, this also forced multinational companies to reduce the prices drastically. It was a win-win situation for everybody involved in the space.”

"APS Lifetech is coming up with APStonicx which will involve a lot of innovations in terms of usage of biosensors, Artificial Intellegence and more"

The Journey
Founded in 2012, APS Lifetech began functioning providing services-based solutions to its clients. Gradually, the focus was shifted towards manufacturing of products and kits (Molecular Biology products - PCR Matermix, cdna, sybr mix Molecular Diagnostic kits - HIV, HCV, HPV and more). This boosted their business to a whole new level. Paritosh narrating the transformation, speaks, “The requirement of services has its limitations. But a product, on the other hand, is used on an everyday basis. So, our agenda since then has been to become a one-stop solution provider in the life science space.”

APS Lifetech now offers a gamut of services and products to its clients across various sectors, which include biopharmaceutical, research institution, healthcare, IVF (In-Vitro Fertility), agriculture, sequencing, bioinformatics, and food processing amongst others. The company has around 19 patients in all these domains. “Majority of the biotechnology companies at present
don’t have the basic infrastructure. We on the other hand have dedicated in-house labs, where we provide a quality solution to our customers, at all times,” he mentions.

The company heavily invests in technology and has collaborated with many tech companies in the US, Spain, Germany, Korea and Japan. The company has MNC with its overseas branches in Dubai, Taiwan, China & UK. The company keeps ‘optimization of the process,’ at the center of everything. In the coming days, APS Lifetech is likely to collaborate with more of these companies to reach newer milestones.

APStronix – Paving Ways for Cutting-edge Technology Solutions
APS Lifetech, in a span of three years has grown a CARG 45 percent. Currently, there is a team of 18+ people who work in various operations - such as R&D, sales, marketing, business development and IT amongst others. Pune based APS Lifetech has offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and 12+ districts across India. Also, they export their products & kits to 60+ countries. “We are coming up with a new brand called the APStonix which will be a game changer in the industry. It will involve a lot of innovations in terms of usage of biosensors, drones and more. We will be integrating this with cutting-edge technologies like ML, AI, biotronics, and more, to be able to provide cost-effective, optimized, and result-oriented solutions to the clients in fields of Biotechnology Medical sciences, Agriculture & Bioinformatics,” he concludes.