APTUS DATA LABS: Apt Catalysts to Your Business' Growth

Samir Kumar Sahoo,Co-Founder & CEO

Samir Kumar Sahoo

Co-Founder & CEO

Big Data is turning into a significant route for leading companies to break their peers in this cut throat market, since it can unchain significant value by making information translucent and can build up the next generation’s products or services and more. As Big Data industry is progressively captivating and transforming our lives, the leading market provider in end-to-end spectrum of a Big Data solution, APTUS provide the ‘right fit’ for Big Data & Analytics implementation, industry solutions as PaaS/SaaS and support needs. APTUS delivers data driven big decisions and solid analytics solutions akin to APTUS DATA LABS’ Retail 360°- that provides an integrated outlook of multiple internal & external trends impacting a retail food chain. It also analyses client’s strengths and weaknesses across channel selling, product categories and consumer focus groups based on location, age group or location preferences.
Built on core foundation of providing cutting edge technology backed by industry best practices, APTUS solution accelerators are visually interactive KPI driven models with deep insights and discovery analysis provided through prebuilt data science models.

Most of APTUS DATA LABS’ solution accelerator have a default ODI+DWH built that can be adapted to an enterprise needs. The apt catalysts to its clients’ business growth, APTUS DATA LABS have also developed a unique application health check and complexity scoring model. Today, the firm has built extremely lively and scalable domain specific platforms on proven algorithms, software accelerators and reference architectures that tackle the most challenging big data opportunities with high-performance analytics at low latency.

The Collective Experience

Imprinted with the flat organization structure with the CTO in charge of direct technical mentoring for the employees, APTUS sets weekly and monthly targets for incremental skills to be acquired. APTUS DATA LABS is encircled with a certified and trained team of data analysts& scientists, business, SMEs, architects and engineers who are experts in Business Strategy, Data Architecture, Big Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Science, Decision Science, Social Intelligence and Big Data Services.
APTUS DATA LABS is leveraging its years of expertise in several industry verticals such as Retail and CPG, Healthcare, IT Infrastructure management and Retail Banking to create solution accelerators that ensure a faster, more effective implementation of Big Data and BI solutions. Hadoop ecosystem including Horton works & MapR product suites, replication technologies such as WANDisco, distributed databases such as Cassandra and Mongo DB , data science tools such as MS Azure and R, Revolution Analytics, Azure/ML, and visualization tools such as Yellowfin & Tableau, Columnar database Vertica, CR-X, Python, Perl and many more equips Aptus’ clients for better growth opportunities.

Future Roadmap

Embedding by its philosophy, APTUS visualizes itself as a differentiated service provider to its clients worldwide. Actively investing in growing its domain and strengthening solutions expertise in the existing domains, the company looks forward to grow its business with global operations by becoming one-stop-solution provider for enterprises of all sizes across different industries. In the coming days, APTUS has long term ambition of releasing an industry specific Big Data solution.