Architect Corner: AI Deep Learning Algorithm in the Area of Smart Cities

Bhagvan Kommadi,CEOWhat can we expect from Smart Cities in India and what is this fuss all about AI, Big Data, IoT, VR, AR. How are these things going to create an impact in the coming years? These are some of the usual chords struck by every citizen in India. Having said that, let us picture cities without traffic jams, easy parking space availability, easy access to public restrooms, good transportation systems, good network coverage, safety and security; an everyday episode for a common man, especially in the urban community.

Understanding the scope of technology and turning possibilities into reality, Architect Corner was founded in January 2016. Based in Hyderabad, with experienced Co-Founders on board, Architect Corner’s initial project took off by partnering with Hyatt where they implemented AI Deep learning Platform and then gradually moved their expertise in Data Cleansing for Alteryx, in-memory database for VoltDB, Graph Database for Neo4j, IoT Hardware Platform for TechnoSphere, No-SQL Database for
HazelCast, FiTech for FinTech and provided Communications as service for QuickBlox.

Architect Corner’s Smart Cities Platform is Artificial Intelligence Based ensuring planners and government to take Right Decisions and protect citizens by Prevention by Prediction

With all this feat over a short period of time, Architect Corner has strived to be a part of Digital India Initiatives and the Smart City Governance Working Group; an initiative driven by Telecommunication Engineering Center. Throwing light on the opportunities further, Bhagvan Kommadi, CEO, Architect Corner, speaks, “Smart City Initiatives posses immense opportunities in terms of improving the quality of the lives of every citizens, involving Clean Technology, Green Tech, Green City, Solid Waste Management, National Land Record Modernization Program, Prediction and Recovery Management, Disaster Prediction & Prediction, Ground Water Quality, Medical Service Delivery.” Bhagvan currently works as Rapporteur of the Smart City Governance Working Group from Architect Corner associated with Niti Aayog & NSDC related to proposals for Smart City initiative.

Transforming Thoughts to Code
The strength of Architect Corner lies with the platform that is competent to detect and isolate infected or malicious AI programs immediately, and develop the effective policy and laws for governing their development and use so that government and citizen’s information is safeguarded and not misused. Architect Corner was even one of the initial startups which participated in the expert discussions for the NASSCOM Indian Startup report in 2016. The company leaves no stone unturned to offer Smart Cities Platform, Profondo and Prochaine- AI Deep Learning Platform, Tactile Internet IoT Platform, and Enterprise Mobility Platform. Their Smart Cities Platform further gets divided into sub genres like Disaster Management Support Program, Safe Cities, Mobile Coverage, Clean Cities, Geospatial Governance, Smart Agriculture, Urban Planning and Tourism.

An Edge over Others

Flexible in their work culture, at present Architect Corner has team of 10 engineers, and has partners in London, San Francisco, Dubai and Iran. And also has plans of geographically expanding in the near future. “As per the product is considered, we will be adding Locational Intelligence, Social Media Monitoring, Vertical Specific Knowledge Base, Content Management and Human Expert Advice. Added to that, we have a long history of consistently growing productivity and reducing cost of operations and research for enterprises”, concludes Bhagvan.