ARD Digital Media: Driving Creativity with Technical Excellence

Heminder Aushat,  FounderIn the ever evolving landscape of digital media, video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to connect with modern consumers. In the year 2023, the importance of video marketing is expected to soar, fostering audience engagement and driving conversions across various online platforms. Amidst this dynamic realm of creative media, ARD Digital Media stands out as one an exceptional agency, combining technical expertise with a commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs and budgets of its diverse clientele. As a budding creative media agency, ARD has been making significant waves in the industry since its inception three years ago.

The brainchild of Heminder Aushat, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in video production, ARD emerged from a personal journey. Having worked as a freelance cinematographer and editor for several years, the founder identified a crucial gap in the market. Often faced with challenges when clients demanded additional services beyond shooting, this disconnect sparked the idea of creating a company that could offer end-to-end solutions, seamlessly aligning vision with execution.

Promising Adaptable & Cost Friendly Artistic Solutions
At the core of ARD's offerings lies its video production services, shining as the flagship
offering of the company. With technical prowess and a profound under standing of client briefs, ARD specializes in delivering a wide range of video projects, from large scale master pieces to high quality, short duration advertisements. The company's ability to execute videos with minimal revisions ensures clients' expectations are met with utmost accuracy. Moreover, ARD takes pride in providing diverse solutions tailored to different budget constraints, guaranteeing that every client receives the finest possible outcome without compromising on quality. Alongside video production, the company excels in graphic designing, ensuring visually stunning creations that captivate audiences. Furthermore, ARD extends its expertise to digital services such as SEO, enhancing the online visibility and reach of its clients' media.

"Our dedication to tailoring solutions to clients needs and budgets sets us apart. ARD offers a variety of options to meet our client’s needs, whether they want big name collaborations or high quality. Transparency in costing builds trust and long term partnerships with clients," states Heminder.

Following the success of its exceptional services, ARD's vision expanded, giving rise to the concept of reach and drive, which embodies two key aspects of its approach. Reach signifies the team's expertise in providing clients with insightful information about audience trends, platform preferences, and the latest attention grabbing techniques. This enables clients to optimize their creative media for maximum impact. On the other hand, drive symbolizes the company's commitment to monitoring and evaluating the performance of the delivered media, ensuring clients' campaigns are on the path to success. This dedication has earned ARD the privilege of serving renowned clients, including Archana Kochhar, a prominent fashion designer, 1821 Man made, a US men's grooming brand, and Jasmine Organics from Australia. Additionally, even while freelancing, Heminder has collaborated with esteemed brands such as Beardo India, ICICI Prudential, and Vijay Sales.

Looking ahead, ARD Digital Media aspires to establish itself as one of India's leading creative media agencies. The company's goal is to become a one-stop solution for clients, guiding them from ideation to project completion. By bringing clients' creative visions to life, the firm aims to solidify its core value of treating every client equally and giving 100 percent commitment, regardless of budget constraints. In just three years, the company has made remarkable strides in the industry, fueled by its technical knowledge and dedication to meeting clients unique requirements. As the firm continues its journey towards creative excellence, the future of ARD Digital Media looks promising, with a clear vision of becoming an unrivaled name in the world of creative media.