Arkedia Marketing: Bringing About a New Era in Digital Marketing

Rahul Kedia,FounderThe world has seen a considerable rise in internet usage with people looking for every information about businesses before making a decision to use their service. New innovations have given rise to millions of new business institutions which are trying their level best to gain consumer appreciation and trust. In order to reach consumers and clients at large, several marketing techniques have been used by companies among which the concept of Digital Marketing has been the most successful.

Several experts have emerged in this domain making a statement in the world of marketing. They have and still are facilitating brands to market their products to consumers across all possible geographic locations. Having come into existence 2.5 years ago, Arkedia Marketing is one of the promising companies in digital marketing that has been giving its customers a new ray of light.

"With the emergence of new brands in the market, the older brands which have been in the market for a longer time are sometimes losing their consumers because of limited publicity. With us, a number of old brands have been successful in reaching out to the required audience that they were missing out. We have been successful in making them
trust in our services and make their products and services reach consumers through various digital marketing techniques", states Rahul Kedia, Founder, Arkedia Marketing.

Notions of Excellence
Arkedia Marketing has a mission to make Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing seamless for everybody who wants to implement digitisation to their brand or company. They have successfully implemented various campaigns for different brands and promoted an increase in both sales and engagement with customers which is an essential part of every brand's roadmap in this digital age.

"We generally have three types of customers approaching us all the time. The first category is those companies who are well aware of the various advantages that can be fetched out by digital marketing means. These are the clients who are ready to spend the required amount of money in order to get back the required amount of business. The second type of companies that approach us are those who want to incorporate digital marketing into their systems but are unaware of it.

Arkedia marketing has a mission to make digital marketing and social media marketing seamless for everybody who wants to implement digitisation to their brand or company'

For these customers, we always educate them about the advantages of digital marketing and go on with the execution. But there is a third category of clients who neither knows about the perks of digital marketing, nor do they want to put any proper investment to it. We generally try to educate them about the notion of digital marketing but decline the request of these kinds of clients when our line of thought converges", says Rahul.

Future Plans
A lot has been achieved by Arkedia in the last 2.5 years and currently it has offices in three locations of the country in Kolkata, Bangalore and Siliguri. It has been a very successful journey for the company and especially in these times of COVID when most of the operations are being done by digital means sitting at home, Arkedia has shown promising results. Speaking about the future plans of the company, Rahul concludes, "We are soon going to launch a section named Arkedia X where we plan to execute all the turnkey projects which we are going to launch soon."