ArtyOwl: An Artisan's Platform

Rajiv Ramnani,FounderThe conventional manner of carrying out commercial activities has under-gone a radical transformation with the surfacing of the e-business. This novel way of conducting businesses have bestowed consumers and sellers a window of opportunity to buy and sell on a constructive platform. A number of startups have come up with several initiatives to give this concept a wider connotation altogether by making room for the artisans to keep the art alive but earn a living out of it. One such initiative is taken by Rajiv Ramnani, the prime mover of This enter-prising being envisioned the objective of identifying artisans and providing them a platform where they can surface and exhibit their handmade creations to the world within their own fraternity with-out being lost in huge clusters of websites selling anything and everything. In essence, the company pledged to support the craftsman with business and complete end to end backend processes while they put their entire attention in enhancing their creativity. It is also a wonderful attempt of encouraging the use of natural and handmade commodities.

"Artyowl is the outcome of a simple vision which was to single out the artisans making hand-made products within
the nation and give them their own online space to showcase and sell their wonders to the world. It is through this venture, I wanted to explore the online possibility and go hyperlocal and Global at the same time. The basic idea has always been and that was to find o find the actual Art and give the world a single platform of Handmade products which are real without any artificial preservatives and are more artistic, out of the ordinary and tailor made as well," narrates Rajiv Ramnani, Founder,, an eMarketplace for the Makers & Takers promotes their hashtag of Behaviour change called #Switch2Handmade

What does it offer!
As an online marketplace, has segregated the exhibition of the products into the following categories namely Food, Home Décor, Personal Care, & fashion. Under these categories craftsman are allowed to host their products be it hand crafted soap or hand stitched clothes. The company provides full liberty to artisans to manage their price and other product related details as per their discretion on their own dashboard. It opens doors of social media and networking which further oils the wheels of brand building, driving lucrative traffic to their creations, stores or websites. "We are striving to equip the artisans with profound end to end solution that can churn out amazing handmade wonders across diverse verticals. We are also administering basic Social Media campaigns, offline activities , participation in events for them. Hence, we are endeavouring to be their reliable partner for the typical creative community," he adds.

The Journey so far
This unique approach of Rajiv Ramnani received shrewd recognition in the ecosystem. In five years, the company is a house to more than 300 artisans, selling above 10000 products. This one man concern is supported by a team of 10 people. They say they see ART in every-thing be it Paper, Wood, Glass & we strive to surface them for the world. As per its presence is concerned, ArtyOwl has launched its international presence with installing office in USA, Boston.

Being in its early traction stage, ArtyOwl is seeking for right set of circumstances to boost its scalability and reach around the world. It intends to set about as a large global platform by settling itself in countries like UK, Israel, Australia & Singapore. However, it aspires to promote the culture, love and passion for handicraft items.