AURA Biotechnologies: Highest Acumen in organic Agriculture, Biomedical Research& Development

Pazhanimuthu Annamalai,  Managing Director
Pazhanimuthu Annamalai
An International Food Policy Research Institute(IFPRI) published report states that India’s spend on agriculture research and development(R&D) is considered to be much below when compared with the rival nations such as Brazil and China. It majorly lags behind in terms of well-defined R&D approach followed by least interest in product development efforts. Not only this, the uncertainty pertaining clearly depicts the absence of strong vision and insufficient investments. While developed countries, spend an ample of the amount to build new innovative technologies and products but at the same time, India is dependent on them which in turn lessens the innovative skills in the Indian biotech industry.

Chennai based AURA Biotechnologies Private Limited, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology research organization was quick to sense the huge gap caused due to the minimal research in biomedical and advanced agriculture research. The company getting an insight into the huge scope of development forayed to maximize the efforts towards R&D and leverage the advancement with other developed economies.

With over 15+ years of experience in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences field, Dr. Pazhanimuthu Annamalai plunge into the entrepreneurial sea was a clear
concise thought to impart R&D skills and appropriately develop strong R&D based organization. “In present times affordable product development through innovation has been a key aspect in biotechnology. There was indeed a need for a research-based organization that delivers solutions and maintains uncompromised quality. Hence, analyzing all these I decided to start AURA and convert the joint R & D efforts to excellent products,” speaks Pazhanimuthu Annamalai, Managing Director, AURA Biotechnologies.

"Till date, AURA has nearly developed, manufactured and marketed 25 organic certified products across India and strives to be an international front-runner in the global market"

Research + Innovation + Excellent Offerings – In a Nutshell
A modest beginning of AURA in 2014 took place to visualize the goals and get some first-hand experience of the first generation entrepreneurial stints. The company soon got involved to develop innovative technologies and expedite the R&D process, lessen the drug and diagnostic development cost. Focused to develop products that are commercializable in the global market, AURA’s portfolio includes biopolymer, agriculture and crop management, molecular biology and immunology, aquaculture and so on. “We position our self a novel product development company and manufacturing organization that drives the intent to create new products by acquiring the required knowledge in the desired field. Also, our recent focus and collaborations are associated with aquaculture disease diagnostics and probiotics.”
An ISO 9001:2015 certified company with an integrated manufacturing facility located in Madurai, AURA promotes organic and sustainable agriculture, best biology molecular tools, establishes high standards in aquaculture disease diagnostics and fosters bioremediation environment protection.

AURA over the years has successfully surpassed the challenges of non-commercialization, inadequate funding and technological implications through innovation. He adds, “Our product development cycle which tends to be generally very fast ensures project completion within the desired timeline. Also, we at AURA try to shoot the trouble through technical skills and have joined hands with partner companies to meet their urgencies.” Pinpointing the boom of Diagnostics industry, the company has initiated its own Chemi-Luminescence Immunoassay technology (CLIA) platform for ultra-high sensitive human diagnostics and is constantly creating first in class innovative technologies for healthcare and agriculture.

Transpires to be a Global Name
A self-build company with highest acumen research AURA has grown at an exponential rate and is currently looking for investors to enhance its capability and increase production capacity with clinching some export opportunities. With a clear path to thrive on Biosimilar, the company in the next level wants to initiate its own Biosimilar molecule and involve advanced unique agriculture technologies. Till date, AURA has nearly manufactured and marketed 25 organic certified products across India and strives to be an international front-runner in the global market.”