Auric Beauty Products: Functionality with Beauty Simplified

By Khushali,   Founder

By Khushali


Makeup trends across the globe are highly promoted and channelized for the sole purpose of capitalizing on the market opportunities and setting benchmarks to be followed. This has definitely set an outrage in the customers that are hard on makeup trends. From a minimalist to a daredevil, the makeup platters offered today serve a purpose for all. However, when it comes to quality, adding value to the products while resolving the customer’s skin or makeup concerns is something that brands today fail to prioritize. Established in 2019 as a new-age customer-centric brand, Auric Beauty Products aims to create value added products in make-up and skin care, offering a range of products that meet the daily needs of an Indian woman. All products are designed from scratch, and owned by the organization the formulations are curated from multiple sources and backed with consumer research to ensure they are relevant.

Products That Suit Indian Skin Tone
‘No hype Just Beauty' is the philosophy that is dedicatedly followed at the company. From the formulations to what is actually offered there is utmost transparency about the active ingredients used in the products that justify all customer queries.The best part is the years of extensive research that the company has invested itself in to provide quality products.

“In a complex world where notions of beauty are ever evolving, Auric is a refreshing take on what matters. Auric believes in simplifying beauty to its core. Simplification, for Auric is a deconstruction to what is truly essential nothing more nothing less to be built back into a relevant beauty offering for the consumer”, says Khushali the Founder, Auric Beauty Products.

“Auric combines decades of extensive research and collective intelligence in the field to arrive at a product range that meets the needs of a modern-day woman

The Indian skin tones and climate diversity in India demand curated skincare that meets skin requirements. Be it a go to skin regime or a specific concern product, the formulations need to suit requirements. This is one major area where Auric never fails its customers, offering exact formulations that go with all kinds of Indian skin tones. Every product has been carefully formulated to be relevant and timeless for the Indian woman. Every product has a reason to be and has to pass a series of well thought out concepts before making it to the final list

Focus on Skincare
Aureana #Skin Science, a skincare brand, is known for its world class formulations that take care of the most critical components to effective skincare which are purity, safety, and quality of ingredients. Aureana products are paraben free.The formulas are derived with a lot of research and testing which in turn promises to deliver the best for your skin. Aureana is not skin deep its care that goes much deeper. Aureana embodies world class formulations with subtle fragrances and a soft after feel, leaving your skin feeling radiant and healthier than before.