Rapid Car Spa: To Deliver the Best Value for all the Services & Hygienic Car Parking across all Society

Anoop Kumar PA,Founder & Managing Director

Anoop Kumar PA

Founder & Managing Director

On average, a car wash takes 10-15 liters of water, which equates to 105 liters a week, 3150 liters a month, and 37,800 liters a year. Each year, washing one car consumes more than 75 percent of the amount of water a person consumes during his life (14,600 gallons). Only 4 percent of the entire population has access to fresh water; eliminating the need to use buckets for washing a car (about 9 liters) alleviates 0.000008 percent of India's water scarcity.

Rapid Car Spa, a platform for delivering waterless car wash solutions founded by Anoop Kumar, is attempting to address this issue by providing an environmentally friendly option at an affordable cost. Rapid Car Spa is an end-to-end multifaceted platform that allows customers to book any car service within one click and receive the best quality, stress-free service with the utmost sanitation by using a waterproof, eco-friendly, and stainfree car wash. With the introduction of a new car wash, the firm is taking a small step toward preserving water by making a change in the daily car wash. Despite the fact that traditional methods are still widely used in this market, Rapid Car Spa is trying to create a clean-slate business model for all car owners in that market.
With Rapid Car Spa, one can receive clean, hasslefree, professional, and managed auto cleaning services in a virtual vehicle spa. Rapid Car Spa provides customers with a first-choice, environmentally friendly daily car cleaning service at their doorstep via its application based approach, as well as monitoring and reporting the firm's services. Professional cleaners are connected with owners of cars through Rapid Car Spa. The firm has developed a sophisticated platform through which all transactions are conducted, from placing an inquiry to reserving service to receiving realtime updates. The firm also employs the best professionals in town, instructs them to use its environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and ensures that the job is completed successfully. Rapid Car Spa operates a network of car care centers throughout the city where it keeps, maintains, and handles the administration and logistics of its programs.

The company's mission is to accelerate the world’s transition in providing first choice, environmentally friendly daily car care & make it universally accessible & useful among all the car owners

Providing affordable, dependable, and effective car cleaning services, the firm has become the go-to partner for many customers. “Every car owner faces the challenge of inconsistent cleaners and cleaning methods. We wanted to remove the worry from every car owner's routine by changing the way cars are cleaned by becoming waterless and becoming more professional. We wish to help the environment and society by conserving water and keeping clean parking lots,” says Anoop Kumar, Managing Director & Founder.

Rapid Car Spa is committed to delivering the greatest value for all services while conserving water by utilizing waterless technology while also assisting its customers throughout their car journey. Rapid Car Spa prides itself on its seamless and hassle-free approach to maintaining customers' vehicles and assisting with their sales or transfer to another party. With its advanced platform, the firm provides professional end-to-end car washing and car service solutions at any time for its customers. Through its precise online purchasing system, Rapid Car Spa strives to provide timely and high-quality service.