Automate SMB: Empowering Small and Medium Businesses with Seamless Automation

 Nilay Khatri,   FounderThe golden rule in any business is that customers are the centre of business. It is hence safe to state that how a business comes up with strategies on acquiring, engaging and retaining their customers is not only crucial, but also charts their path towards success.

Customers these days expect more personalised services and products, as well as quick support and communication on their preferred channel. Any business that does not transform digitally at this juncture, is effectively putting its survival at stake.

Transforming into a digital avatar is not limited to just introducing software; it involves adapting or even restructuring business processes and culture to the digital landscape. And this is where Automate SMB steps in. With, an Unified CRM and process automation platform, Automate SMB empowers small and medium businesses with technology.

Founded in the year 2013, Automate SMB is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with a team strength of 18 employees. The company’s excellence was recognised when it was honoured with the ‘Top Emerging CRM Solution Provider 2020’ by CIO Review India

Unified Platform, Simplified Processes
Businesses use multiple tools and applications to manage various departments and processes. Generally, such a tech stack is either broken or department restricted, creating siloed operations. This also leads to higher cost of operations.

Traditionally, CRM, too, is limited to sales, marketing and support. It fails to address major aspects like project execution, transactional data,and involvement of other stakeholders such as partners and affiliates.

Automate SMB’s is a unified platform that includes not just sales, marketing automation and support management, but also projects, billing, affiliates, loyalty and analytics. With everything unified in one platform, decisions can be taken much faster. Your sales team is aware of the current issues faced by customers. Your marketing team is aware of what is selling and what is not and can offer better personalisation at scale. The revenue team is aware of cash flow, pipeline and can make right projections. The success team is aware of what is happening with the project, being able to proactively act on project delays, collaborate with customers and team members, effectively plan resource requirements, and offer counter solutions and upgrades.

Overall, with a consolidated platform, automating mundane tasks becomes easier and simpler, leading to higher productivity and focused resource utilisation. Further, as more supporting business processes are required, the system can be easily scaled with custom modules and automation engines. With, customers need not look for partners to customise the platform it will be taken care of in house.

Automate SMB’s is a unified platform that includes not just sales, marketing automation and support management, but also projects, billing, affiliates, loyalty and analytics. With low-code/no-code approach and automation engine business can also

“Customers are not looking just for a tool, but a technical advisor that can help them restructure organisation processes and help the team in adapting to the platform,” says Automate SMB’s founder Nilay Khatri, before adding, “At Automate SMB, we serve as an advisory to businesses to help them define the right approach and take the right technical decisions.”

Another feature that sets Automate SMB apart is vertical solutions, i.e. industry specific solutions. It serves as a starting point and nearly addresses upto 70% of business cases, helping them go live faster.

Leveraging Latest Technology
The entire infrastructure of is powered by Amazon Web Services, for high scalability and availability. Along with that, the company leverages AI and machine learning for lead scoring, behavioral scores, sentiment analysis, etc. which helps in making the qualification of support tickets, leads much faster and automated.

“We are also working on a beta with a few clients to provide various nudges on their website and mobile applications, such as personalised offers based on the interests and contextual information,” Nilay Khatri shares.

An Ever-Growing Service Portfolio
Automate SMB’s major focus area for the year 2022 is working towards ISO certification, to retain customers’ trust that the company follows the best practices in terms of operational and data security. While continuously introducing new features every month, Automate SMB is also working on on-boarding system integrators and consulting agencies as partners.

Automate SMB is currently expanding their network to bring in more industry-specific knowledge and CRM solutions pre-configured for various verticals, with the help of their consulting partners.

“Along with that, we also have many mobile applications planned, one of which is automate Dial.It facilitates cost-effective and easy execution of tele-marketing campaigns from mobile devices. It is slated for launch soon,” says Nilay Khatri.

We live in a world of convenience and businesses are constantly looking for ways to simplify processes and reduce operational costs without it affecting productivity. In such a scenario, will not only remain relevant but is also the way forward.