Auxtomate Technologies: One Stop Solution For E2E Automated API Integration & Testing Through Mere Configuration

Ramesh Lokanayakulu, Founder & CEO, Srini Saripalli, Co-Founder & C,  Raj Juvvadi, Managing ConsultantIn this digital age, the coding part of creating respective solutions is critical to establishing the product equity in the minds of users. Surpassing this coding austerity, no-code development has taken the IT industry by storm in recent years, replacing the tedious work of coding with no-code or low-coding advancement. The ongoing low code or no code growth is so rapid in the Indian coding market that most products and services will be built leveraging the same in the coming years. In this regard, IT hub Bengaluru-based Auxtomate Technologies establishes its presence in the market through its standards and unique products.

Auxtomate Technologies is a private firm that reprises ideas and solutions to uncover new ways to create value by applying technology, domain and design intelligence. Auxtomate started as an UX automation company, off late pivoted into the API integration & API testing automation segments capitalizing the early mover advantage and making inroads through its innovative suite of products and services. This innovation is highly domain & technology agnostic, allows non­programmers to build API integrations and test any APIs rapidly without writing a single line of code. The outcome of this new advancement is of configuration that write application code automatically behind the scenes. Thus, it can be said that Apinator is a one-stop solution for E2E no-code API integration & API testing solution.

Low-code especially no-code will be essential in the future and the adoption rate of this platform is tremendous in the future days. Speaking more on this Ramesh Lokanayakulu, Founder & CEO says, "Our product architecture is simpler, domain/tech agnostic and ductile for a highly untapped API integration market, we certainly are carrying the early mover advantage in this space. We are here to challenge the traditional KPIs of any custom build or automated API integration & testing approaches. Our delivery commitment is 1/4th of effort or time or cost whatever it takes to build or maintain any API integration or API testing needs. Also, beyond SaaS or iPaaS models we are open to deploy our solution in our customer infrastructure to tackle the data security & compliance aspects seamlessly".

Our team is passionate about making & sustaining APINATOR as the industry-leading low code/no code API integration and API testing suite of products and will strive to stand out in delivering continuous innovation

The persuasiveness of Apinator
Apinator is the mother ship of all automation products within the Auxtomate ecosystem. The core of Apinator is a no-code API integration solution that allows you to quickly integrate or onboard the APIs. Apart from rapid API integration automation, it also enables to perform quick automated API testing and instant application development for enterprise applications. The primary advantage of Apinator is that it does not require any developers or testers to configure and execute. The product E2E can be handled by a user who is just familiar with API functionality or has a basic understanding of designing forms for enterprise applications. The key KPIs of this product are impeccable. It brings-down the API integration or onboarding or testing time to one to two weeks from six to eight weeks, eliminates 75 percent of manual efforts, change requests gets handled in one day, helps integrate APIs of any structure onto a single structure and more.

The growth journey of Auxtomate Technologies is impressive in terms of steep escalation in the revenue and client acquisition from both product and service ends. For the delivery commitment and quality products, this company has attracted numerous well-known organizations across India, among them Acuvisor, Travel Companion, Worldwide Education, Kshatriya Charitable Trust, Rainbow Real Estates and many more. With a highly enthusiastic and vibrant team, this firm aims to be the market leader in the API integration and API testing in days to come.