Babli: Designing Modern Clothes For Women While Preserving Traditional Hand-Crafted Art

 Anjani & Vishal ,   CEOsTwo-thirds of consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly clothing, which is a positive sign for the worldwide consumer trend. Even though the business is still in its beginnings, the market for eco-friendly clothing in India is expanding quickly. For individuals drawn to the idea of sustainability and the 'green earth', the emerging feeling of 'responsible fashion' or 'ethical fashion' has opened up new paths,as the Indian fashion business now offers a wealth of opportunities. Given the novelty of this fashion idea, it has the potential to outperform more established fashion trends and establish itself as the ideal one.

Established in 2017, Babli is a sustainable female clothing brand that encourages women to connect with their safe haven by offering them highquality products and the best experiences. Inspired by the saying that the happiest years are of youth, Babli inherits the idea from its ancestors, to design clothes that make people feel young. The firm has a huge admiration for the delicate textile craftspeople in the countryside; the rich tradition which is the foundation of organic and sustainable fashion. Babli aims to create a market where affordability and price points were taken into account along with sustainability. "We're here to conserve India's rich craft tradition and enhance artisan incomes, all while being ethical to everyone
who works with us and conscious of the environment", says Vishal, CEO, Babli. The brand is dedicated to conserving India's illustrious handmade tradition and collaborating with craftsmen to create a real change in their standard of living.

Customers initially had doubts about the quality of Babli products due to their price, so the brand leveraged offline displays and social media to inform customers about how the company has succeeded in achieving sustainability at such low price points and promoting itself as an eco-friendly brand. Being transparent and honest with clients, according to Babli, is the ideal course of action because it promotes their faith in the company and helps it amass a loyal fan base of customers. "When we first started doing exhibitions, we advised visitors to leave a brief review whether it contained criticism or praise and no award we receive in the future will be as significant to us as our client's feedback since that is what keeps us operating. We will cherish this feedback for the rest of our lives," speaks Anjani, CEO, Babli.

We're here to conserve India's rich craft tradition and enhance artisan incomes, all while being ethical to everyone who works with us and conscious of the environment

Babli provides apparel for people of all shapes and sizes and allows customers to carry any style with the poise of a self assured personality regardless of body type. According to Babli, every woman should have access to reasonably priced, comfortable apparel which is why the brand has introduced contemporary designs that speak to women of today while maintaining the integrity of the handcrafted art. Babli claims that its products are a blend of urban, western, and ethnic attire and fall under categories such as shirts, dresses, jackets, and more. Some of the brand's products like stoles and excel accessories, waste made earrings, and necklaces are sold in exhibitions on a trial basis.

Since consumers are more likely to trust offline businesses than they are online, Babli contends that having both is essential. Hence, Babli is aiming to expand on as many platforms as possible. "Since we don't have many physical outlets, we host exhibitions to interact with our customers in person and build rapport. We currently sell products on our own website and would like to expand to other e-Commerce platforms. Once that happens, we may also launch a new category, such as children's clothing, men's clothing, or home décor", signs off Vishal.