Baby On Board: One-stop Destination for Baby Products

Disha Kerkar,  Founder

Disha Kerkar


Baby fashion industry has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. Consequently, this spike has led to a surge in the launch of infant apparel and products by leading retailers and brands. However, the customers in this segment are notably particular when it comes to the quality of the baby items since low-grade items can harm the baby's skin. This is precisely where Baby On Board comes into the picture. Established in 2016, this online parenting and e-Commerce platform provides personalized baby products of superior quality and grade.

Founded by Disha Kerkar, the company's platform offers products like baby wipes, diapers, toys, blankets, quilts, wrappers, baby cradles, and others. Enabling parents with newborns to cater to a choice of apparels, accessories, cosmetics, and footwear from various leading Indian and international brands.

Inception Story
The key factor behind Baby On Board was the struggle the founding couple went through to get genuine baby products for their daughter under a single roof. In addition, Disha explains how they were, at the same time, concerned about the authenticity of these
products every time they shop. Therefore, to ease such difficulties for all the parents with newborn babies, the company was incepted with a motto 'To provide the right set of baby products with authenticity guaranteed in the goods and services offered'.

Over the years, Baby On Board has managed to gain the trust of their Loyal customer base with their motto which is also the unique factor that led them to today's success. Being parents themselves, the Kerkar's certainly understand the worries of their customers who might approach the company's products with suspicion. To break this barrier, the Kerkar's test all the products themselves first and ensure that their daughter enjoys them. Only if they find it safe and good for their daughter, the product is put up for sale.

To ensure the quality of all their products, the company makes sure to source them from trusted vendors. For that, they source the products directly from the manufacturers, and wholesalers and even manufacture some products of their own. Right now, the company manufactures girl's apparel with a focus on Maharashtrian and South Indian ethnic wear on a contract basis and intends to start inhouse manufacturing in the coming years. All these products are manufactured according to the customer's requirement and comes under the trademark Baby On Board brand name.

"Around 99 percent of our customers are satisfied with the products and the services we offer” shares Disha, Founder. Whether it is online, offline, or instore, the customers are handled with utmost attention and often welcome their suggestions and feedback. The staff is well-trained through regular training and audits to ensure they are always at the top of their game.

Furthermore, Kerkar's shares they have big plans for Baby On Board in the coming years. As part of their roadmap, the company recently opened another store in Mumbai, apart from their main store, which is solely dedicated to toys. The new store caters to all the requirements of the customers regarding toys from branded ones to educational ones. Moreover, the company is currently considering franchise proposals and plans to expand to more geographies inside and outside of Mumbai. Besides, going forward, Baby On Board will be providing additional services such as abacus classes, judo, or karate classes in partnership thereby making the company the one stop destination for everything kids-related. Disha Kerkar.