Bamboostan: Promoting Luxury That Breathes Not Bleeds Through Bamboo Products

 Siddharth Munot & Divya Munot,   FoundersThe North East is a rapidly expanding sector with untapped potential for trade, tourism, and investment. With a variety of natural resources, it benefits greatly from its advantageous geographic location. Access to markets and technology has improved, which has aided in the growth of the Northeastern States startup ecosystem. As a business that began with bamboo cultivation in Nasik by Siddharth & Divya Munot, around the year 2020, Bamboostan has developed into a supplier of high-quality bamboo items such as designed bamboo beams. Not only this, the couple has sincerely invested into technology driven supply chain management system which enhances transparency and traceability throughout the entire Bamboo Value Chain.

Since its inception, Bamboostan has been more than just a business. This company was founded on the principle of anti-deforestation as well as products which conform to sustainability efforts. “By promoting bamboo-based alternatives, we can contribute to environmental conservation, combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and support communities' socioeconomic development. We are trying to leverage technology in many ways like GIS, the Internet of Things, supply chain management, digital marketing and more. Our focus is on R&D to develop new and innovative products that cater to the changing needs of customers. We decided to make use of Assam's abundant bamboo supply by establishing a facility dedicated to the manufacturing of superior bamboo goods. With the goal of promoting sustainable living through eco-friendly
alternatives, bamboo has been proposed as a replacement for traditional materials like wood and plastic”, asserts Divya.

Bamboostan offers a wide range of services and products which can also be termed as ‘Luxury with Sustainability’. The company’s sole purpose is not only to replace wood but also plastic with bamboo. “The set of flagship products that we are currently offering or will be offering in the near future are bamboo solid panels, bamboo veneer sheets, bamboo beams, bamboo tambour panels, bamboo round rods, acoustic boards and linear panels and others. We are also offering bamboo slats for preparing bamboo boards, bamboo chips for paper industry and bamboo round sticks for agarbatti sticks, lollipop sticks, candy sticks, kulfi sticks and more”, says Siddharth.

Founders Siddharth Munot and Divya Munot, serial entrepreneurs, aspired to build a firm that would benefit nature and the environment. The company has a dedicated team of Research Analysts and some tie-ups with renowned Indian Universities whose R&D facilities provide data on eco-friendly glue, pasting, and coating materials that indirectly affect the environment. The company is associated with various reputed firms like ITC, Orient Paper, Century Ply, Zed Black and more.

Future Roadmap
While Bamboostan 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 strive for market research, product stability research, and the establishment of a strong and stable supply chain, Bamboostan 4.0 will strive for expertise and knowledge of the entire value chain and will provide end users with high-quality branded bamboo products at competitive prices. Having said Divya confirms “There were many challenges when one ventures into a new terrain, right from Bamboo sector being very novice in India to non established Supply Chain, to change of players in the Bamboo market after delisting Bamboo as forest item, to only one country in the world catering for Urbanized Bamboo products and no other countries/regions having much of a knowhow as to how to deal with it".

Now that Bamboostan has invested huge amount of time, energy, effort and money, its goal is to make bamboo a viable alternative to traditional building materials like wood and plastic, as well as a wide range of everyday commodities. It aspires to replace nonrenewable house holds with eco-friendly products made out of Bamboo.