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  • 10 Best Startups from North East - 2023

    North East Startups - The Emerging Dynamos of India Nuzzled in the wonderful scenery of India, the startups from Northeast region are constantly gaining a momentum. In recent days they are emerging as spirit-hub of invention and entrepreneurship. Opening from the Meghalaya hills to boundaries of Arunachal Pradesh, these startups are proving that geographical barriers are not a big deal when you have a powerful wisdom and strong aspiration. They are playing a pivotal role by acting as backing system by nurturing and fostering the technological innovations in startup landscape. To brand their footprints in the business ground, they are transforming and presenting various services and solutions across various industries and verticals. "The Upsurge of North East Startups is...

10 Best Startups from North East - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bomboostan Bomboostan Siddharth Munot & Divya Munot, Founders Building India with bamboo, the company spearheading the supply of bamboo products as a sustainable substitutes to solid wood. They offer bamboo Solid Panels, Veneer sheets, beams, rods, notebooks, water bottles, pens & so on
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Alegra Labs Alegra Labs Jay Jayanta Das, CEO Using cutting-edge technologies, the firm delivers technology consulting & full-cycle software development services. Their proficiency extents to three key areas including Data science, Artificial intelligence & Web applications to make business operations more active & resourceful
Aviyantrik Consulting Services Aviyantrik Consulting Services Kukheswari Kalita, Partner Quickening the growth of your organization, the company enables to harness the supremacy of Information & technology. They offer services including IT consultancy, System Integration, Networking, Software development, Website development, SMS, Social media, marketing and so on
Dhrupad Technologies Dhrupad Technologies Samarjit Baruah, Founder Unlocking the gateway by growing the potential of IT technicians in North-east region of India, the firm provides service management & web development services. Their services include evaluating processes, designing, monitoring, resource management & many other
GITCS GITCS Digbijoy Sharma, CEO Permitting business with innovative software solutions, the company delivers range of IT services. They offer various range of IT related services including Web development, Android/iOS application development, customized software-as-a-service and so on
 Mizrun Mizrun Laldinliana, CEO Delivering business solutions to SMEs and MSMEs, the company helps them to scale and elevate their business to the next level. They offer whole-spectrum of business solutions such as sales & marketing, software technology development and hyper local deliveries
Ratepersqft Ratepersqft Pankaj Maheshwari, Founder & CEO Pioneering the Prop-tech, the firm provides collective real-estate solutions with integrated technology advancements. They offer advanced solutions for allied and incorporated property services such as residential, commercial and industrial properties and projects
Retinamonk Retinamonk Anurup Millan, Director Serving the brands & businesses gain a viable advantage in the allied world, the firm acts as Brand strategy design consultancy. They offer services including UI/UX, Digital marketing, Website & App development, SEO, Logo designing, Security systems, Billing, inventory and many other
Globizs Web Solutions Globizs Web Solutions Roshnikumar Yambem, Director Staying ahead of the curve in technology, the company provides innovative & reliable tech-solutions to transform business. They offer software & mobile App development, website development, digital marketing, CCTV camera, GPS Looker and other IT related products & services
Webspec Solution Webspec Solution Tapash Debnath, Director Running all kinds of IT services, the firm specifies in providing technological and IT related services. They offer truly prominent IT solutions and services including product engineering, warranty management, building cloud infrastructure, network, UX/UI, consulting, marketing and so on