Banka BioLoo: The Human Waste Managers

Namita Banka,Founder & CMD
Namita Banka,Founder& CMD

Passion is a simple yet profoundly all-encompassing narrative to describe the essence of a true entrepreneur. With passion,entrepreneurs possess an inherent fuel and inexhaustible stamina that constantly drive their actions forward. One such story is of Namita Banka,a passionate entrepreneur with hands-on experience in the field of the jewellery business. Once while travelling to Bangalore form Surat for business purpose, Namita encountered the pressing challenges of proper sanitation. It went to such an extent where she suffered from severe health issues. During the course of her poor health, Namita realized the poor sanitation conditions that existed in the country. She made up her mind to take charge and scale the need for sanitation and hygiene. As she dug deep, she understood among all, railways and trains were one of those places that lacked hygiene and sanitation the most. She came in contact with the Railways. While the railway authorities at that time were thinking hard to experiment with bio-loo and controlled discharge toilet systems(CDTS),
Namita seized the opportunity and zeroed in on establishing Banka BioLoo. “The idea was to promote and develop innovative, environmentally-friendly products and services for human waste treatment and management. I decided to implement the same for the society and help people get rid of the sanitation issues - both in the rural and urban counterparts,”speaks Namita.

"With a team of 500+ employees, Banka BioLoo is currently present in 19+ cities and caters to clients across 20+ states"

Banka BioLoo commenced its operations by taking dealership from companies that dealt with bio-loos and CDTS solutions. Soon, it took the charge of manufacturing bio-toilets. In 2012, the company introduced first-of-its-kind low maintenance bio-toilets in Dhamra - a small town in the state of Odisha. The success further motivated the team to actively install unique bio-toilets, which hygienically dispose of human waste without the need for septic tanks or waste treatment plants.

Imparting Technology for Eco-Friendly Solutions
The core focus of the company has been on solving the challenge of open defecation, since inception. To ensure faster results,it has integrated bio-digester technology to provide eco-friendly sanitation. “The technology imparted in the bio-digester tanks helps in degrading the human waste in the most effective manner. Through this, we
are constantly trying to promote our bio-digester toilets in places where conventional toilets are not available,” says Namita.

Other than this, the company offers an array of services, including manufacturing, supply and installation of bio-toilets and bio-tanks, operations & maintenance, wastewater treatment and recycling, handling low-cost projects for better sanitation requirement in rural and semi-urban areas, service units and sale of spares of bio-toilets and CDT Systems to its clients. Acquiring license from DRDO, Banka BioLoo manufactures bio-digester tanks and installs them across India. The tanks are made up of non-corrosive materials and anaerobic bacteria breaks down the waste into water and biogas in the process.

With a team of 500+ employees, Banka BioLoo is currently present in 19+ cities and caters to clients across 20+ states. Generating revenue of 20+ crores, Banka BioLoo is also the first sanitation company that has raised funds through Initial Public Offering (IPO)and is listed in the National Stock Exchange SME platform, NSE Emerge. “Keeping in pace with the government initiatives to eradicate open defecation,take care of sanitation and health issues in the country, we are determined to work towards the development of the country at large, and soon we are coming up with biogas and solid waste management projects,” concludes Namita.