BECAUSE: Telescopic View & In-Depth Approach to Building Impactful Brand Identities

Aditya Shah,Founder & CEO

Aditya Shah

Founder & CEO

In today's hyper digitized world, Social Media has established itself as one of the most powerful tools for creating content and engaging consumers. Furthermore, by reorganizing the marketplace, it has created a new breed of powerful & sophisticated customer base that is difficult to influence, persuade, and even retain. As populism has grown in recent years, businesses & companies realizing its transitional benefits have adopted social media as their medium of marketing. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the adoption of social media as the communication platform of choice for companies worldwide. With the birth of numerous startups in the digital marketing sector, 2020 has been a remarkable year. In Dentsu India's Digital Report 2021, digital media is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent accounting to Rs 18,938 crore by 2021 and 22.47 percent accounting to Rs 23,673 crore by 2022, where social media plays a key role.

"Creativity Is Independent Of Designation; It Comes From Curiosity And Observation"

Founded in 2019, Ahmedabad based Because has contributed significantly to the advancement of social media marketing in markets such as real estate, education and restaurants. Starting a business in social media marketing is one thing, but building a brand that consistently delivers highly creative, engaging and results driven campaigns is another. Because's founder and CEO, Aditya Shah, has made it happen in just over two and a half years. His experience in the industry goes back sixteen years now and he has worked with brands like The Times of India, Sandesh and Educational Initiatives. In addition to heading Because as its Founder & CEO, Aditya serves as the Strategic Support Consultant to the Education Secretary of the Government of Gujarat.

Indepth Approach
According to Aditya, Because is not only a social media marketing agency, but an agency that is dedicated to helping clients grow their business. He says, "At Because, we don't ask for a brief from our clients, instead we sit down with them to understand their goals and challenges. We serve as their outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, driving business results by combining strategy and communication with creativity". The company specializes in a vast array of services such as Branding, Strategic Marketing, Designing, Videos, Animations, Websites, Social Media, Digital and Advertising.

Although social media and digital marketing space already has several players, yet most of them are unaware of social media dynamics and its usage to fulfil the client's exact needs. On the other hand Because focuses on providing solutions that reap greater RoI. Many times, looking at the investment required for branding and not
knowing the exact outcomes, clients end up doubting its effectiveness. And that's where Because differentiates itself. "I always believed that people would spend money on branding or marketing, if you can convince them of the direct and indirect RoI," explains Aditya. As a result of this commitment to results, the company focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of their clients' business, their industry, and their customers instead of spreading wide and solving problems superficially.

Structured Work Process is Key to Client Success
Because not just designs for social media, but captures the brand's lifecycle, its vision and initiatives. Aditya This process auto matically tells clients what exactly needs to be done.

Making use of tools like competition benchmarking, internal huddles, and market research pertaining to the industry and products, the company tries to communicate the brand's message in a unique way that grabs consumers'attention.

A Firm sans Hierarchies
Because's strong team comprises of Aditya and 20 other team members coming in from high pedigree institutions such as NID, NIFT, and some of the top colleges of Ahmedabad. They all are experts in their domain, they are like Unicorns. Aditya states, "We are a flat organization, and there's nothing like a leadership team because everything we do here is a collective contribution we all come together and do the thinking by putting our hearts in it". A motto ingrained in the Because culture is creativity is independent of designation it comes from curiosity and observation.

At Because, We Don't Ask For A Brief From Our Clients, Instead We Sit Down With Them To Understand Their Goals And Challenges. We Serve As Their Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, Driving Business Results By Combining Strategy And Communication With Creativity

The quint essential projects that portray their potential are Counting well Maths Premier League, NABARD Foundation's COVID Vaccination Drive, distinct Social Media Marketing for Addor Group and Suvidha Project, brand Identity and brand Collaterals for 9 Kids Pre School, website for JG University, brand identity and website for MBA Chaiwala, Brand revamp and sales focused advertising campaign for Swara Builders, distinct brand voice and brand personality development for, brand identity development for Baked By Nini's, soap packaging design for ME by Moksha Essentials.

Despite challenges brought about by COVID 19crisis, Because has experienced tremendous growth so far. The firm has worked for clients across multiple industry domains majorly EdTech, RealEstate, Pharma ceuticals, IT&ITes, Food & Beverage (Restaurants). The company has developed a major niche in the education industry due to the company's vast knowledge and understanding of education, from preschool through colleges. As the company continues to build its position in the education domain, it plans to double its portfolio of clients within the next six months."We don't have a business development team, but our work is our best tool for generating business. Thus, in everything we do, we strive to be remarkable, which is how we have grown and intend to continue growing," concludes Aditya.